SAN DIEGO — It was day two of Comic-Con Friday and some people spent most of their day waiting in line for Saturday Hall H.

Some people have been waiting since Thursday for Saturday’s Hall H panels. People who have been waiting in line have said waiting for a couple days is like nothing to them.

“Yes, yes, its worth it 100%,” said Taylor Young, a Comic-Con attendee.

People from across the country have been sitting in line for two days for Hall H panels on Saturday. Some people catching a nap while waiting to see the hottest panels of DC and Marvel.

Young, from Columbus, Ohio, has a system to trade off shifts with a group of 50 people.

“Excel sheets, we go hard. It’s printed out, we have shift captions,” Young said.

Trading shifts is a popular trend. Peter Marquez from Monterey said it’s the highlight of his Comic-Con.

“It’s fun. That’s also part of the joy of Comic-Con as well. Every year we meet new people, get to make new friends. People you meet in line and just kind of just click,” Marquez said.

Marquez said he likes to volunteer to sleep outside overnight. He usually comes with his daughter over the past 25 years, but this year he came solo with new friends.

Salamat hails from Temecula. She’s gone to Comic-Con for the last 20 years. On her waiting shift breaks, she goes into the event for freebies and autographs. Salamat said waiting and sleeping outside has not always happened.

“Because before Hall H, you could just walk inside and there was not waiting required. It was around the time ‘Twilight,’ the actual camping trend started. And then with Marvel’s growing popularity and DC’s growing popularity, the line is more people are just waiting and waiting, now we are doing it two days before the actual panels on Saturday,” Salamat said.

The outside sleepover is not for everyone.

“I’d rather sit here all day and get to sleep in my bed at night, then sleeping on the concrete,” Young said. “I’ve done it before and I’m never doing it again.”