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SAN DIEGO — Comic-Con cleanup is underway Sunday after the event wrapped up its final day at the San Diego Convention Center.

Comic-Con Special Edition was a smaller, more intimate event than the typical Comic-Con with around 50,000 attendees.

“I think it gave a lot of new vendors a chance to try out Comic-Con for the first time, as well as for Comic-Con itself to experience new vendors that have never been able to attend before,” said Curt Figner of Toy Geek.

While inside vendors said it gave them a chance to showcase their shops, it was a different story for local businesses, which saw less of a crowd in the Gaslamp Quarter.

“Definitely not what we were expecting, because I come here all energized and I’m like ready and then it’s not as busy as I expected,” said Ysabella Acosta, manager at Tivoli Bar and Grill.  

Acosta said business was down at least 50% compared to a typical Comic-Con weekend.

“If it was July, I’m sure there would be every seat full in here right now,” she said.

And while business in Gaslamp Quarter was down throughout the weekend, donations were not as 1,000 units of blood were collected at Comic-Con Special Edition.