Comic-Con: What to expect during Wednesday’s Preview Night

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SAN DIEGO – If you’re a longtime San Diego Comic-Con goer like me, you know getting a badge for Preview Night is basically like winning the lottery.

If you can get one, you’ve hit pop-culture gold.

There are two areas that are the “must-dos and must-sees” and that’s Ballroom 20 and the Convention Floor.

Let’s start with the least packed area first: Ballroom 20. If you’re not accustomed to standing in lines, then this will break you in once and for all.

Nothing opens at the Convention Center until 6 p.m. in earnest but you have people in the line as early as 1 p.m. trying to get a spot in the 3,500-seat venue.  Also, look at those white tents on the grass, those are the people lining up for Hall H.

In Ballroom 20, fans will be treated to a screening of the new drama “Manifest.” It’s about a plane that disappears while in the air and touches down five years later. The people on the plane are trying to solve the mystery of why them and what happened to them during that missing time.  (Think “Lost” 2018 with slightly annoying people.) It stars Josh Dallas (Once Upon A Time) and J.R. Ramirez (Power).

The other screenings include an upcoming episode of “The 100” and returning for the second year in a row the animated “Freedom Fighters: The Ray.”

Back for another year is New Line Cinemas “Scarediego” to be held at the Horton Grand Theater. If you’re into creepy clowns and freaky nuns then this is for you.  Footage from “It: Chapter 2” and “The Nun” is expected to be shown. However, don’t be surprised if a star or two from one of these movies is in attendance.  Expect this to be packed.

And speaking of overcrowded, you might want to try to elbow your way into the Convention Floor. For those who plan on standing in line at Ballroom 20 for the next four days and Hall H, this is going to probably be the only time they’ll get to walk the floor.

The Convention Floor is a feast for the eyes and an assault on your nose because of all the sweaty people who waited outside to get in. Everywhere you look there’s something to see or do.  I’d beeline it as fast as I could over to the WB booth because usually they have cool giveaways such as bags and posters.

Comic-Con mainstay Lucasfilm will have any and everything “Star Wars” related and even probably give sneak peeks of upcoming projects.  AMC is going to own the zombie franchise with their “Walking Dead” exhibit returning for another year. But also keep your eyes peeled for hidden surprises. Last year, I saw this weird line in the middle of the convention floor and it turns out it was a line to sit on a recreation of the seat of “The Big Bang Theory.”

Also, pay attention to faces in the crowd or overly big costumes. Several celebrities have been known to stroll the floor some in and out of costume. It might not hurt to take a good look at the cosplayer walking by you to see if it’s someone famous.

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