SAN DIEGO – It took exactly 1,099 days for San Diego Comic-Con goers to get this ‘last day feeling’ again. 

“Come tonight and tomorrow we will suffer from what we commonly call the ‘post-Con depression,'” said Andy Holt, a Comic-Con attendee.

The long-awaited full Comic-Con drew thousands of people, but the hard part of saying goodbye and packing up takes over the latter half of Sunday. 

“Packing up is the worst day, Sunday is always my worst day of the Con, getting packed up and it’s stressful, but it’ll be here again next year,” said Mike Burkey, the world’s biggest Spider-Man collector who also sells original art as Romitaman Original Art.

He’s been coming to San Diego Comic-Con since 1996, but says this was the best for his business. 

“I had a feeling with the Con not having happened since 2019 that people would come back,” Burkey said. “I used to always hope to make in sales $100,000 and now I’m at $250,000 for this show which is pretty good.”

Todd Nauck is a professional comic book artist for Marvel and DC. He also said this year at his booth was extremely busy.

“From 2019 and here back, there’s been no slowdown, I’ve been working the table non-stop,” Nauck said. “I’m very happy with how this has gone, especially coming off the pandemic… we are feeling very blessed.”

Those like Burkey and Nauck have now mastered the art of packing up. 

“They give you all the way till midnight but it takes me probably three hours to pack up my most valuable pieces,” Burkey said. “I carry it with me on the plane. The rest I have a friend that comes in a van and he ships it back.”

See a gallery of notable Comic-Con celebrity sightings below:

“We’ve got a pretty good system so we can get everything packed up here in about 15 minutes and back to the car so it’s down to a science for us,” Nauck said. 

The next edition of Comic-Con already is in the works and will be held next year from July 20-23.

“Definitely looking forward to next year,” Holt said. We are already thinking bout doing a new build with wings that will have certainly improved.”

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