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I’ve gone to a lot of great Oscar parties over the years. Georgi Gordon had a terrific one at her loft downtown, and had the place decorated tremendously. I ate more popcorn and Red Vines than humanly possible.  Another friend once had an expensive Oscar pool, where you bet on the winners. Unlike those fantasy football losers that make all kinds of excuses, I only had one for why I didn’t win. All my picks were coming in, and one guy was tied with me. We were well ahead of everyone else and a thousand dollars was on the line. I lost because I had picked The Shawshank Redemption to win “best adapted screenplay.” He picked Forrest Gump, and won the cash.

I most often go to Leslie Perliss’ place. I have a tradition of bringing a cake that I decorate with one of the movies nominated for a best picture (I brought a pie the year “Life of Pi” came out). This year, I would’ve gone with a Hidden Figures cake. It would’ve had coconut frosting all over the top, with a rocket coming out of the top, and lots of numbers all around the cake.

I’m not going to her Oscar party this year. I’m going to party with you guys. Well, if you guys show up, that is.

I’ve always wanted to attend the Oscar Viewing Party/Fundraiser that the San Diego International Film Festival puts on. This year, the wife and I are going. It’s at a beautiful estate in La Jolla, and I’m excited about two of the chefs providing the grub. The Marine Room is my favorite fancy restaurant. It’s the place I bring the wife when it’s a special occasion. Another chef is Trey Foshee from Galaxy Taco. I met the people behind Galaxy Taco years ago, and they couldn’t have been nicer. When I went to their restaurants, the food couldn’t have been better.

There will be an open bar, as well as lots of interesting people to mingle with. Unlike the Super Bowl, you don’t have to tell the guests to be quiet during the commercials.

Like the Super Bowl, there will probably be some surprises and upsets. I mean…La La Land can’t win everything, can it?

So why don’t you join me for this terrific event, with proceeds benefitting the San Diego Film Foundation.

You could win a cool prize, have great food, and argue with me about which movies should win the golden statue.

Here’s a link for those interested: