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Perhaps my lack of knowledge regarding the Hasidic Jewish culture made this seem a lot slower than Jews will find it to be. This “Bridget Joneshtein’s Diary” (I was going to go with “My Big Fat Jewish Wedding”, but Joneshtein worked in writer/director Rama Burshtein’s [Into the Void] name).

The movie takes place in Israel’s Orthodox community. Michal (stage actress Noa Koler) has to deal with her fiance leaving her shortly before their wedding. Since she is obsessed with getting married, she decides to keep the wedding date. She just needs to find…a date; errr, a groom. The date is set. It’s on the 8th day of Hannukah. I’m not sure why she’s so worried about finding a man. It makes her character rather pathetic. She was already cloying, and not all that charming. She’s 32, but acts like she’s a 62-year-old spinster with a cat. Also, it’s 2017, not 1917. I’m guessing an attractive woman that runs a relatively successful business (a traveling petting zoo), will be just fine even without a husband in the next few years. But since she feels she won’t be, we have to see those dumb dating scenes with bizarre men.

Michal is convinced God will deliver her a mate. And a Jewish shaman type woman rubs fish guts on her face, so…yeah. And the craziest thing is this is supposed to be a romantic comedy. It’s neither.

You wonder why they never explore why Michal becomes ultra-Orthodox late in life (the director did, too).

I also wondered why the other women in this seemed pathetic. There’s a non-religious sister (Dafi Alpern), who has a husband that doesn’t care for her. There are girlfriends and other relatives that aren’t interesting. And all of them, and two matchmakers, all seem to try and help her in the goofy quest. It reminded me of the entire town in Lars and the Real Girl going along with a guy dating a blow-up doll.

The Hasidic guys she’s set up with make no sense. My wife and I, at one point, wondered if the guy that wasn’t making eye contact with her was blind, or just really, really weird.

The movie is poorly edited, and there are certain characters we don’t learn enough about. One of them being a sick friend she visits. We never understand what the deal is with that situation.

I’d rather watch Adam Sandler’s The Wedding Singer. That’s saying something.

My wife and I both hated this. It gets 0 stars.

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