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Babies always work in movies. Changing bodies…not always.

If hack screenwriters are going to give us aliens coming to Earth and being amazed by all our wacky ways…or they’re going to give us yet another body switching comedy…they better be funny.

The alien movie Paul earlier this year was hysterical.

This movie, which the cast claims is “The R rated version of Freaky Friday,” doesn’t fly. You can’t just add raunch without humor.

We laughed in Wedding Crashes (which was from the same writing team), not because Vince Vaughn was grabbing various breasts in the opening scene, but because Owen Wilson is awkwardly forced to grab a pair that belonged to a girlfriends bizarre mother.

When one of the early jokes in this has a baby hitting the father in the face with what should’ve been in the diaper — you wonder if things are going to pick up. Sadly, they don’t.

Jon Stewart said it best when interviewing Jason Bateman last week. He said it makes sense when George Burns switches bodies with a kid, but you guys are both good looking dudes that are about the same age. What can one of you do that the other can’t already do?

Well, that dilemma could’ve been solved with the married father of three enjoying the single life again. Of course, that would make the audience (at least the females) turn against him.

We’re also left to wonder how these life long friends are still friends. One sits around smoking his bong all day and not looking for work. This frustrates his dad, played by one of the greatest comedic actors ever – Alan Arkin — is given little to do.

Will Jason Bateman be able to sleep with his gorgeous secretary (Olivia Wilde in yet another movie), now that he’s in a different body?

And to be honest, once they switched bodies, it’s not like you really even remember what the other character was like.

Now, a guilty pleasure for me is Face Off. Once the wild Nicolas Cage and mellow John Travolta switch faces, you really can see the other characters personality coming through. It was fun.

When Bateman doesn’t want Reynolds to mess up a big deal his law firm is working on, you wonder how such an idiot can screw up something so simple. Or the fact that the struggling actor neglected to his friend the movie shoot he’s now forced to do is for a soft core porn film.

And if I had a friend that used curse words around my kids, or when I had the speaker phone on – either the speaker never goes on, or I tell him to chill with the language. If he couldn’t do that, or put down the drugs while driving, we’re done being friends.

It all makes about as much sense as the guys spending one minute trying to convince the wife – Leslie Mann – that they’ve switched bodies. When the anniversary date is wrong, they are resigned to the fact that nothing they say will convince her. Really?

I laughed at the prospect of the “new” Bateman being able to sleep with his wife. It just gets a little gross with the toilet scene (which is shown in the trailers). And sure, you laugh at a few of the lines. Reynolds looking at his new arms and saying “Haven’t you ever heard of a push up?”

This film doesn’t flow well, and you can telegraph everything that’s going to happen along the way. And even though you could do the same in Friends with Benefits recently – at least that delivered a lot more laughs.

Even the tattoo on the back – was so much funnier in the Farrelly brothers King Pin.

This movie gets 1 star out of 5.

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