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I never saw the first Super Troopers, and I found out from somebody later, many of the jokes relied on you having seen that movie. Perhaps it was that, or the fact that the jokes that I did get just weren’t funny. But the 45 minutes I spent watching this movie were torture. My wife and I looked at each other and decided to leave, not even at the halfway point.

Even though it’s 17 years after the original, the story takes place as if it’s fairly soon after the last story ended, with this gang of misfits having lost their jobs and working construction. That means we get to see one guy walking around making non-stop jokes about “caulking.”

Lynda Carter plays a governor that brings the guys to Quebec, since part of it is going to be turned into Vermont. As they’re driving over the border, I got excited to see one of the funniest guys, from one of the funniest shows ever, Bruce McCulloch of The Kids in the Hall. Unfortunately, he had nothing funny to say.

Rob Lowe plays the town mayor, and minor league hockey star. My wife asked what he was doing in such a bad movie. I wondered what Brian Cox was doing in it. And hey, I did kind of chuckle when at a brothel/strip club, Lowe takes his hand and starts slapping around a male dancer’s penis.

The two other jokes that worked for me: when they look at the horrible cabin they’re given, one of them says, “This is like a place where you’re going to be asked to put the lotion back in the basket.”

Another scene has an angry mob shouting about being taken over by these troopers (who are working with some angry Mounties). One yells something about how they’ll be told they can’t listen to Rush or the Barenaked Ladies. That’s a great line.

More often, the jokes were the tired ones about how the Canadians pronounce “sorry” or use the metric system.

Other attempts at humor involved talk about shaving the testicles of a rookie cop, and constantly putting an electric shock on the fat guy working as the dispatcher.

Spoofing cops with huge mustaches can be funny. I loved the show Reno 911. But this Broken Lizard bunch is a mess. Even the opening sequence, with a few interesting cameos, is an awful start to the shenanigans.

The first movie had a budget of just over a million dollars. This one used crowdfunding and got $4 million. It was money poorly spent.

The Hollywood Reporter said the movie was less funny than the original. Yikes!

The film does have a perfect release date: 4-20. Perhaps you have to be stoned to enjoy it (although in full disclosure, the crowd I saw this with at the screening was loving every second of this, and they didn’t appear to be stoned).

0 stars.

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