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prometheusRidley, Ridley, Ridley. How much money was spent to make such a visually stunning science fiction thriller, with such fantastic CGI…for all of us that loved Alien to say “Really? Did he just do that again?”

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the ride. I was just confused by why he did many of the things he did.

After cave drawings are found that indicate there is life in outer space, a crew goes searching for it. More specifically, searching for the aliens that they believe created the human race.

It was clever to call the ship Prometheus In Greek mythology, the Titan Prometheus steals life from Zeus and gifts them to mankind. Zeus gets vengeful, and all hell breaks lose.

All the fan boys I’ve talked to have been going on about this being a prequel to Alien, and the press releases I got state otherwise. This movie is more like 2001: A Space Odyssey. Not only does it go from the Dawn of Man to the spaceships, it even has classical music and a computer that sounds like Hal and is saying the name Dave. If Stanley Kubrick were alive, he’d be watching this saying “Really?”

Guy Pearce, wearing enough make-up to make him look like a cast member from J. Edgar, is an executive that finances the Prometheus going to a far away moon. The two scientists we’re supposed to like, are played by Noomi Rapace, who in this ends up being a lot tougher than her character in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Her boyfriend is played by Logan Marshall-Logan. I’m guessing when John Hurt watches some of their scenes he’s going to say “Really?”

Charlize Theron works for Pearce, and she’s the tough boss that nobody likes. Well, aside from Idris Elba, who sings Stephen Stills songs and flirts with her. He sure picked an appropriate song. I mean, if you have to be put asleep for two years to get to this moon, suffering through barfing when you wake up…you might as well “love the one you’re with.”

Michael Fassbender plays the android, and as all of us know, you can’t always trust them. He yearns to be human, and spends his time learning languages and wanting to be the next Larry Bird or Lawrence of Arabia. I think his performance in this is better than the overhyped one he did in last years Shame. I’m guessing Rutger Hauer was watching it and saying “Really?”

Now, I don’t mind that Ridley Scott borrowed from Star Trek, Blade Runner, Alien, 2001…since it was all fun (one of the two screenwriters wrote Star Trek and the fun Cowboys & Aliens). I’m just not sure why he didn’t come up with a few different scenarios to avoid this all together. Especially when he’s going out of his way to say it’s not an Alien prequel.

Two other cast members with smaller parts I enjoyed were Patrick Wilson and Ben Foster.

The movie also had an impressive score.

I don’t mind the clunky bits of dialogue, the few clichés, the questions that were left unanswered, or that it was a bit more ambitious then it should’ve been. I don’t mind that Sigourney Weaver, James Cameron and so many others are going to be sitting in a theatre watching this and saying “Really?”

I thought it was really good for what it was.

I’m giving it 3 ½ stars out of 5. It should be noted though, that I missed the press screening. I paid to see it and saved the extra money by not seeing it in 3D (which I hear really does add something to the film).

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