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Looper UUUSe
I will be in at least 3 movies each year. Got that?!

The night I saw the screening of Looper, Joseph Gordon-Levitt was on a late night show discussing it. He had a hard time describing the plot. I’m guessing most people will, but the premise is rather simple. In the future, time travel was discovered. It was quickly banned. Yet the mob and some other bad guys keep using it. They would kill rivals, and Levitt is one of the people that cleans up the mess. It’s easier to like a protagonist that kills, when we know he’s shooting bad guys. These guys arrive with bags over their heads. Oh, and it’s 30 years in the past. He shoots and incinerates the body. He gets bars of silver for services rendered.

To unwind, he hangs out with pal Paul Dano. He’s a reliable actor, but I’m tired of this character he continues to do. It’s the dopey, wide-eyed guy that doesn’t have a clue. When he started acting dumb early on, I immediately thought about the characters you’d see in Star Trek with the different colored shirts. They probably weren’t going to make it off the alien planet alive.

Oh, there are also a few people that have kinetic powers. That merely means they can make quarters or lighters float in front of a woman’s face at the bar.

The drug of choice seems to be eye drops that give you hallucinations. Makes sense.

As you’re watching the movie, you’ll obviously think of other time travel flicks. There’s a silver DeLorean that travels back in time. Okay, that was a joke. Aside from motorcycles that hover, it’s not like a lot of flying spaceships. You see a lot more homeless, and bigger guns from the bad guys.

You’ll notice parts that seem like 12 Monkeys, Minority Report, and Terminator (all better films). There’s even a little Twilight Zone, when you see the child in the cornfield. Oh, and watching Bruce Willis, who is Levitt 30 years in the future…you can’t help but think of Pulp Fiction. His head is a bit bloody and bruised, and he’s walking in front of cars with a brown leather jacket. He can also throw punches about as good as he could in that film.

I enjoyed seeing Jeff Daniels as mob boss Abe. I’m guessing the other Abe we see soon (Daniel Day-Lewis), will get a bit more attention.

Daniels didn’t go overboard on the craziness, and it was nice to see the two who worked together in the great film The Lookout, in a scene trying to out smart each other.

On the subject of other films I was reminded of…writer/director Rian Johnson did Brick. It was an interesting high school noir picture with Levitt.

The females in this are played by Piper Perabo and Emily Blunt. Her character reminded me a lot of Linda Hamilton in Terminator. It was a great role for her.

The child actor in this is great, and you’ll be happy to know this movie isn’t as confusing as Inception – yet another movie with Levitt.

The movie is a bit predictable, but it gets points for having the most interesting torture scene in movie history. It also has a fabulous ending.

If only Joseph Gordon-Levitt would’ve killed Bruce Willis before he has a chance to make another crappy movie like Armageddon.

This gets 3 stars out of 5.

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