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These actors look at each other, wondering what the script is about.

It was great to hear comedy legend Jim Gaffigan narrate this with a monotone voice. It’s just a shame the whole endeavor felt like a student film. The various vignettes had some interesting stuff, and I did laugh a few times. I often thought of my favorite sketch comedy show — The Kids in the Hall.

One guy at a job interview (The Slippery Slope Job Interview), is told he “knocked it out of the park” but didn’t get the job, yet was offered an internship; but a paid internship. Oh, and it’s writing a white supremist newsletter and running the recycling. The confused applicant asks, “Uh, well…can I just do the recycling part?”

If only the other skits were as funny. They were all so bizarre and often didn’t make a lot of sense. They just relied on weird facial expressions and being completely devoid of emotion.

Another one that was mildly amusing, was a pretentious actor doing a medieval story, at an old folks home. He suggests they might want to go to the bathroom when he takes a break in the middle of his show. When asked how long the show is, he replies, “About 8 or 8 ½ hours.” 

A woman promptly gets up and walks out. The visual of her using a walker is great, as is his line asking her, “Should I wait for you to get back before I start?”

Part of the problem is that so many of these sketches are deadpan. That got old quick. I loved it when the two characters in Flight of the Conchords do that, but these guys aren’t that funny. And that’s a shame, because I felt each premise could have worked if it were written better. Writer/director Steve Collins gets the blame for that. Now, when this bizarre guru tells someone to let a strange man lay on his lap…I wondered if Collins wondered, how Mike Myers had his first flop in a comedy about a love guru.

In one segment, we saw an actor who my wife said, “That’s that comedian guy you like.”

I replied, “No, that’s not Craig Robinson, but it looks like him.”

Maybe everyone has some issues, and existential dread hovers over us all. Unfortunately, it did for me watching this film.

1 ½ stars out of 5.

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