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I couldn’t help but joke as I walked out of the theatre, “The book was better.” Truth be told, I never read the “book,” but we all know the story. I was hoping to see them state on the screen, “Based on a book, that is supposedly based on real events.”

This film won’t make you forget about  The Ten Commandments. It’s really like Ridley Scott just remade Gladiator, but with Moses as the protagonist (and Scott is no Cecil B. DeMille).

For those that aren’t familiar with the story, Moses (Christian Bale) has a falling out with Rameses (Joel Edgerton). He wants Egypt to set the slaves free. The Pharaoh doesn’t, and so with the help of God – all hell breaks loose. I’m guessing most won’t like the casting of God (Isaac Andrews). It’s the exact opposite of George Burns. He’s played by an 11-year-old bald kid with an English accent. No cigar in hand, but plenty of burning bushes.

When the battle ends up at the Red Sea, just like with the Titanic setting sail – we know what’s going to happen with the water.

At first I liked the approach Bale and Edgerton had playing their characters. It wasn’t over the top. We watch as Rameses is jealous of his dad’s (John Turturro) relationship with Moses, and it’s all understated. Yet half way through, it all feels soulless. You wanted more emotion from characters in such an epic film, not just a series of swordfights and chariot chases.

I’m guessing some will be bothered by the many Caucasians cast in the movie. Certainly ancient Egyptian and Hebrew characters wouldn’t look like these folks, but so what. You go for the story, and you disregard the Scottish accent, or Sigourney Weaver sauntering in and sounding like an American.

I’m guessing others will be bothered by the fact that it’s a religious story, but why? There are comic book films, mythological ones, biblical, etc. If you aren’t a believer, you can still watch at as a fictional story. I get more bothered by how movies show cops in an unrealistic fashion (End of Days), and lawyers (The Judge).

The 3D really adds to a lot of the cool CGI special effects.

It’s 2 ½ hours long, and gets a star for each hour – 2 ½ stars out of 5.

(Side Note: When I was throwing my nachos away, I noticed the left over cheese on the tray looked exactly like the face of Jesus. Coincidence?)

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