SAN DIEGO – The annual ArtWalk at Liberty Station is back for its seventeenth year.

This year brought in more artists, diversity, and a new arrangement for the festivities. The new layout features a fence around the entire area with security at each entry, so people can walk around with alcoholic beverages. In the past, people had to stay inside the beer/wine garden.

Even with some of the new changes, longtime artists and guests say it’s still the festival San Diegans know and love, artists live Christine Hausserman who has been a part of ArtWalk Liberty Station since it started 17 years ago.

“To see so many wonderful people coming back giving us feedback, positive feedback, whatever feedback, we welcome it all, and it’s just wonderful,” Hausserman said.

“It’s getting stronger every year. The assortment of artists is getting stronger,” said jewelry artist Kathy Caldwell.

A love for ArtWalk is a shared feeling among the artists. Caldwell has been showing her retro-era handmade fabricated and forged jewelry for nine years at the event. She said she enjoys her customers.

“Always, always means a lot, even if they don’t buy anything, and they just come and they love it because not everybody has money. They can come and appreciate it and enjoy it, and that’s what makes me feel good too,” Caldwell said.

ArtWalk also partnered with ArtReach, a local non-profit that provides art programs to K-12 schools. The event will auction off Vans shoes to benefit the organization.

The event brought in more than 200 artists from across the U.S. and even Mexico.

“Kind of a show of the melting pot that San Diego is,” said Jacob Rocha, the director of business operations for the ArtWalk. “People are looking for everything to a new wedding ring, to a giant piece of art to hang in their living room,” Rocha added.

First-timer Linda Morgan said, “we are having a great time, it’s fun, it’s enjoyable.”

“There was a lot more opportunity and a lot more art here than we had expected, so it was really refreshing to see there was so much going on,” Morgan said.

The ArtWalk will be open Sunday, Aug. 7, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.