Troubled actress Amanda Bynes has reportedly been placed on a psychiatric hold after allegedly wandering around downtown Los Angeles naked over the weekend, TMZ reported.

Eyewitnesses tell the site that the “She’s The Man” star had on no clothes when she flagged down a car early Sunday and explained she was coming down from a “psychotic episode.”

Bynes reportedly called 911 herself and police sources say she was taken to a nearby police station where she was evaluated by mental health professionals. That team found she needed to be placed on a 5150 psychiatric hold.

It appears that the actress was not hurt.

Sources close to the “All That” alum said she’s currently in the hospital and will possibly stay there for “several days.” These types of hold usually last for 72 hours.

This episode comes almost a year after Bynes’ conservatorship ended. It was placed in 2013 with her mom as her conservator. Around that time she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

TMZ reports that Bynes was set to appear at ’90s Con 2023 in Connecticut over the weekend, but dropped out “due to illness.”

KTLA has reached out to Bynes’ attorney for a statement following this report but hasn’t heard back.