SAN DIEGO — Some residents looking to vote in the Nov. 7 special election may have received two ballots in the mail, San Diego County officials said.

The print and mailing vendor for the Registrar of Voters’ office reported a little over 1% of voters, or 7,500 out of the nearly 600,000 voters who were mailed a ballot, mistakenly obtained a duplicate mail ballot packet, Tracy DeFore with the County of San Diego said in a news release Thursday.

“This impacts voters in the District 4 special election and less than a dozen voters in the City of Chula Vista special election,” DeFore said.

County officials say a notice has been mailed to voters affected by the error, informing them that they may vote and return either ballot, according to county officials.

The county advises those who have received two ballots to vote and return either ballot, as well as destroying the unused ballot.

A ballot will automatically be set aside if it is a suspended ballot. However, if that is the only voted ballot returned, then it will be counted.

“The process of suspending a mail ballot packet is one of the safeguards in place to ensure only one ballot from a single voter is allowed to be counted. The barcode on each return envelope is tracked and when suspended, our system will stop it from being processed,” DeFore said.

Anyone who has questions can email or call (858) 565-5800 | (800) 696-0136.