SAN DIEGO — The special election to fill the seat vacated on the San Diego County Board of Supervisors by Nathan Fletcher is nearing its final hours.

Two candidates are currently vying for the District 4 seat in the runoff, San Diego City Councilmember Monica Montgomery Steppe and “Reopen San Diego” founder Amy Reichert.

While the role is officially considered nonpartisan, whoever wins will decide which party has a majority on the board that is currently balanced between Republicans and Democrats — a dynamic that has created frequent stalemates on the Board over the last few months.

Tuesday marks the final day for voters in the Fourth Supervisorial District to cast a ballot in the special election. The district, which is one of the most populous and diverse on the board, stretches from Clairemont to Paradise Valley and from Hillcrest to El Cajon.

With less than 48 hours left, however, county election officials are expecting turnout to be as low as 25%, making every vote that much more important. While the district is heavily favored to the Democratic party, the low voter participation could continue a pattern of special election surprises.

In interviews with FOX 5 on Monday, both Montgomery Steppe and Reichert expressed confidence that their base will turnout as the election nears its homestretch.

“I don’t take anything for granted, but I do know we have so many supporters, and that we have been out doing the work,” Montgomery Steppe said. “I truly have a vision for the county … Every single person who wants to live in San Diego should be able to live in San Diego in safe and healthy communities.”

Meanwhile, Reichert says she has all of her volunteers making the rounds to knock on doors and call residents throughout the district during the final hours of voting. She also held a rally with supporters on Saturday.

“San Diego is at a crossroads,” Reichert said. “We have never seen such high homelessness, crime (and) cost of living. People want a different direction for our county … They want a true San Diegans who is laser focused on the issues like me.”

This is the second round of voting in the special election to fill the seat that was left vacant by Fletcher after he was accused of was accused of sexual misconduct in his role as chairman of the MTS board.

In August, District 4 voters took to the ballot box to select between four candidates in a primary election.

However, none received more than the 50% majority that was needed to win outright, prompting the special election to move to a runoff between Montgomery Steppe and Reichert, who were the top two vote-getters.

According to county election officials, more voters in the district are expected to submit their ballot by mail. However, there will be over 22 voting centers set up throughout the county for those who want to cast their vote on election day.

FOX 5 will be following the race on election night. Check back on Nov. 7 for real-time results.