SAN DIEGO — The special election for San Diego County Board of Supervisors District 4 is underway, and four candidates are in their last push to get out the vote for the Tuesday election.

From Hillcrest to El Cajon and all the way to Rancho San Diego, voters have until 8 p.m. Tuesday to choose their next county supervisor.

Nathan Fletcher stepped down in Spring, and now one of four candidates will take the seat. Janessa Goldbeck, Paul McQuigg, Amy Reichert and Monica Montgomery Steppe are all vying for the position.

The major issues surround homelessness, housing affordability, public safety and the cost of energy in the county. 

“Everywhere I go, everyone I talk to, their first question is around homelessness. People want to know that the county is going to be doing more to solve the problem. We also know that we have a lot of folks who are experiencing extreme mental illness or addiction, and the county has a lot of resources to help with those things,” Janessa Goldbeck, a former Marine captain and Democrat, said to FOX 5 on Monday.

The other candidates are also pledging to tackle these same problems, all with their own slight plan differences. 

Former Gunnery Sgt. Paul McQuigg and Republican is currently running for District 4.

“The military has a history of dealing with refugees, and homeless people are refugees. They’re refugees from something; either abuse, drugs, mental health, something like that. So you have to meet them where they are,” McQuigg said to FOX 5 in an in-studio interview last week.

The most notable candidate in the race is current city council woman Monica Montgomery Steppe, who says the county seat can make a larger impression in her community. 

“Housing is just really the No. 1 economic issue of our time right now. And being able to show across the nation that reduced housing costs helps us with inflation,” Montgomery Steppe said to FOX 5 last week.

As an activist for Reopen San Diego, Amy Reichert fought back against school closers and vaccine mandates and says she believes she is the best to lead the county forward. 

“We need a bold change right now to tackle issues like homelessness, cost of living and public safety. And I’m the only candidate that’s going to take us in that direction,” the Republican said to FOX 5 on Monday.

County officials say voters can register and vote provisionally on the same day.