SAN DIEGO — More than 1.9 million ballots have been mailed out to registered voters in San Diego County, according to Registrar of Voters Cynthia Paes.

“Act early — it is election month. Don’t wait until Election Day to cast that ballot,” Paes said.

While voters are urged to vote early, several states, including California, are in crisis mode dealing with a shortage of election workers.

Some counties are reporting they are down thousands of workers. That could mean longer lines and taking longer to count votes.

Paes says it’s not a problem for San Diego County.

“We’re in good shape right now. We need about 2,200 folks to work at vote centers and we’re looking good for those numbers,” Paes said.

Starting Oct. 29, 39 vote centers will open around the county and all 218 will be open starting Nov. 5.

Paes says they could use more bilingual workers.

“If you’re bilingual in Spanish, Filipino, Vietnamese, Chinese — we also need Japanese speakers, Korean speakers, Somali speakers and Arabic speakers. So any bilingual language you can bring, we want you to come and work,” Paes said.

Aside from staffing, there’s also a growing concern over election worker safety.

A recent survey shows one in six election workers across the country have experienced threats on the job, while more than 75% feel threats have increased.

Tom Dale, a local election worker, talked with FOX 5 about those safety issues.

“I think people are aware of it because, yes, they’ve heard of that and certainly in the training that we receive here to work at the polling station. It’s a topic of conversation and there’s some do’s and dont’s as to how to approach that,” Dale said.