SAN DIEGO — The 218 voting centers across San Diego County are ready for a busy Election Day, and also have a plan in place because of the forecasted rainy weather.

“We will be fully staffed and ready to greet voters, whether it’s rain or shine,” San Diego County Registrar Cynthia Paes said. “Definitely bring an umbrella.”

Pae says they work with local emergency officials to have a plan in place in case heavy rain and flooding that could block access to voting centers.

“If there’s any flooding situations, we would want to know ahead of time. If it’s in the area of a vote center or drop box, we can be prepared to redirect voters to another vote center if there’s any danger getting to one,” Paes said.

Tents are also set up outside the registrar’s headquarters and voting center in Kearny Mesa. They are typically set up to block people from the sun, but this year they are protecting people from standing in the rain.

“I’ve lived here all my life, I don’t remember it raining on Election Day,” voter DJ McLaughlin said.

McLaughlin and her husband casted their ballot early Monday to get ahead of the stormy weather.