SAN DIEGO — A special election will be held to fill Monica Montgomery-Steppe’s District Four City Council seat after being elected San Diego County District Four County Supervisor, the City of San Diego announced Tuesday.

During Tuesday’s city council meeting, local leaders confirmed the special election will be consolidated with the primary election on March 5, 2024.

“As the Elections Official, I believe in fostering a fair and inclusive democratic process. With the Council taking action today to call for a special election for Councilmember, District 4, we will be able to provide a full 29-day nomination period, ensuring equal opportunity for all voices in our culturally rich communities,” said City Clerk Diana Fuentes.

The council is expected to vote on whether to hold a special election to fill Montgomery-Steppe’s seat after her win for county supervisor.

San Diego District Four covers the city’s southeast including Encanto, Oak Park and Webster.

Shane Harris, the president and founder of The People’s Association of Justice Advocates, lives in District Four.

Harris told FOX 5 that he plans to address the council and tell that that he feels the district has been long dumped on and left behind.

Harris said he wants to see a candidate who is passionate about the district, but also tackles long-standing issues like poverty.

“That we need make sure someone in that seat that is going to make decisions on behalf of district four, and until that seat is filled, we ask the council be vigilant in hearing the people of district four,” said Shane Harris, president and CEO of The People’s Association of Justice Advocates.

“We need to retain our residents and poverty is number one agenda, and it has to be the number one agenda of our next councilmember of this district,” Harris added.

When FOX 5 asked Harris if he plans to run for District Four, he says he is “pray fully considering it.”

“I don’t believe anyone is perfect representation, but I believe that I am best positioned,” said Harris, who has experienced homelessness and lived in poverty.

With the candidate nomination period beginning Wednesday and going through Dec. 14, potential candidates must appear in the Office of the City Clerk to receive nomination papers, according to the city. Applicants can begin submitting nomination papers on Nov. 22.