SAN DIEGO — The final election results showed Measure B—to charge single-family homeowners for trash pickup— was passed Thursday.

Homeowners were on both sides of the argument.

“Think it should be universally applied to pick up trash,” said David Faulstich, a homeowner who supports Measure B.

Meanwhile, Naida Hindert, a homeowner who opposes Measure B, says “we pay high enough, like it’s been doing for eons.”

Measure B, which would allow the city of San Diego to charge homeowners for trash pickup, still hangs in the balance.

Currently the city operates a two-tiered system where businesses and owners of apartments and condos must pay private trash companies for pick up. Single-family homeowners, however, have their trash pickup fee assessed in their property taxes.

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“This is going to level the playing field, make San Diego more fair,” said San Diego City Councilmember Sean Elo-Rivera. “If this does ultimately succeed, the city will be positioned to be a more fair city, a more fiscally responsible city, more environmentally sustainable city and we should all be excited about that.”

Elo-Rivera said if the measure passes, customers would not be getting charged for likely a couple of years.

The city must get community engagement, plus a state mandate “cost of services” study.

“I think there was a combination of genuine confusion about that know some of my opponents know better and were trying to make it sound like this would immediately trigger exorbitant cost and that’s just simply not true,” Elo-Rivera said.

Carl DeMaio, former San Diego City Councilmember and chairman to Reform California, says the measure “is not going to be double taxation.”

DeMaio adds that he would rather see the money customers could pay for a fee stay in their pockets.

“People are barely making ends meet, they’re barely surviving, this is the wrong direction,” DeMaio said.