SAN DIEGO — The Midway District is in a pitched election tug of war over the future plans of the sprawling property.

Measure C is on the ballot attempting to raise the height restrictions to allow for thousands of new housing units. Supporters of the measure say the new homes will ease rental prices, add jobs and revitalize an area struggling with rampant homelessness.

In a town hall meeting in Point Loma, residents gathered to push back against the plan, complaining the increased height of the new buildings would block views, change the community feel and alter access to the water.

Residents also are concerned the thousands of new units of housing would gum up traffic in the area, creating even more problems for Interstate 8 west.

The measure is expected to be a close vote with a similar measure passing by a narrow margin in 2020, but was later struck down by a court.

People are already voting as the election is set for Nov. 8.