UPDATE: Support for Measure B, trash pickup fee, takes the lead

SAN DIEGO — A ballot measure that would allow the City of San Diego to recover its cost of providing trash services to eligible residential properties was trailing by a slim margin in early election results Monday evening.

The disapproval of Measure B had garnered 50.14% of the vote compared to the 49.86% who voted “Yes,” early results showed. The measure requires approval of a simple majority to pass. 

If approved, Measure B would allow the city to charge a fee for its waste management services to eligible single-family homes and multi-family properties with up to four homes. 

Supporters of Measure B, including San Diego City Council President Sean Elo-Rivera and City Councilmember Joe LaCava, say the measure would put an end to apartment dwellers having to pay more than others for trash collection services, and would mean the city would provide free trash and recycling bins. Opponents, including State Senator Brian Jones and Reform California Chairman Carl DeMaio, argue the measure is a “massive tax hike” that would cost San Diegans between $350 and $500 more a year.