CHULA VISTA, Calif. – In the final hours before the June 7 California Primary Election, mayoral candidates in Chula Vista are making a last-minute push to voters.

Two of the six candidates in the race will move on to the ballot in November, the winner will then replace Mayor Mary Casillas Salas, who has served two terms.

Chula Vista City Councilmember Jill Galvez is one of those candidates. She says her top priority is public safety.

“(The) number one issue that everyone wants is safe neighborhoods. Safe neighborhoods means everything from adequately staffing public safety– making sure that we have our full contingency of 281 police officers,” Galvez said.

She is running against five other candidates including:

“I want to get more police hired in the city, I want to make sure to pay our firefighters adequately, and make sure we work with developers to provide affordable homeownership opportunities,” Campa-Najjar said.

The businessman, who was turned away by voters in two previous bids for public office, said he wants to ensure make sure the city gets its share of state and federal dollars. 

“There’s $1.2 trillion out there in the bipartisan infrastructure bill that was passed and I have not seen it invested in the city,” Campa-Najjar said.

FOX 5’s Misha DiBono talked with voters who say they want their city leaders to be more responsive.

“We need much more involvement here in Chula Vista ignored a lot in terms of we need more fordable housing need more attention to the community,” said one resident.

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