CALIFORNIA (KTXL) — On Tuesday, Californians had the opportunity to elect the existing attorney general for a full term or vote for a new candidate.

The candidates in the race for attorney general were incumbent Rob Bonta and Nathan Hochman, a longtime lawyer and one-time Assistant U.S. Attorney General.

Early results as of 9:20 p.m. show Bonta leads against Hochman.

The winner of Tuesday’s election will serve a full four-year term as attorney general and oversee the Department of Justice, nearly 500 sworn peace officers and 600 other law enforcement personnel.

Bonta has been attorney general since April of 2021 when Gov. Gavin Newsom announced that he would appoint him to the position and the legislature later voted to confirm him to replace Xavier Becerra, who became the U.S. Secretary for Health and Human Services.

In the June primary, Hochman received 18.2% of the vote, almost 1.3 million votes. Bonta, who had been AG for a little over a year by then, took a majority of the votes with 54.3%, almost 3.8 million votes.

The website for the Office of the Attorney General lists some of the responsibilities:

  • Represents the People of California in civil and criminal matters before trial courts, appellate courts and the supreme courts of California and the United States.
  • Serves as legal counsel to state officers and, with few exceptions, to state agencies, boards and commissions.
  • Assists district attorneys, local law enforcement and federal and international criminal justice agencies in the administration of justice.
  • Strengthens California’s law enforcement community by coordinating statewide narcotics enforcement efforts, supporting criminal investigations and providing forensic science services, identification and information services and telecommunication support.