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SANTEE, Calif. (KSWB) – It’s a little oasis with seven man-made lakes, 230 known species of birds, and cabins that will let you float all your worries away.

“How awesome is it that we get man-made water, drought-proof water right in the middle of Southern California?”

The Santee Lakes Recreation Preserve is a recycled water project treating two million gallons of water each day and keeping it from entering our oceans.

On the 190-acre property, there’s hiking trails, playgrounds, and plenty to fill your vacation agenda.

Paddleboats are just one part of the recreational activities – there’s also fishing, camping, and so much more.

The reservoir is home to 300 RV sites and 10 cabins, three of them floating on the water.

Here at Santee Lakes, it’s currently catfish season.

“We’ve caught bass and we’ve caught catfish, mainly my daughters.”

“It’s really nice to come here and be able to relax, not have to go very far.”

In the past two years, the preserve has been through $9 million in renovations, complete with a new Tin Fish restaurant and lakeside dock.

Locals are already raving about the fish tacos and the kaboom shrimp burrito.