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Cousins Turn Producers with 'Zodiac Crush' - A Movie Exploring the Science of Love with Astrology and Numerology

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DALLAS, UNITED STATES , March 15, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ -- A new movie filmed locally in Dallas, Texas is creating a stir of emotions online, and it's called "Zodiac Crush." This locally-filmed romantic comedy is the first astrology and numerology dating experiment, and since its recent debut in November 2022 it has already sparked controversy and created a buzz online after the Director made bold claims that astrology and numerology should be the only way to date.

Meet the Two Dallas Entrepreneurs and Cousins behind the Movie

The producers of the movie, Michelle Ravitch and Mike Anthony, are two dynamic cousins and local Dallas-Fort Worth entrepreneurs with a passion for astrology and numerology. Michelle, who is also the star of the movie, is well-known in Dallas for her luxury car rental business, Ravitch's Rentals as well as being a beloved teacher in the Highland Park school district. Mike is the director, numerology expert, and co-producer of the film also a known antique and arts dealer seen on his social media presence at Goodson Gallery.

In the movie Mike talks about his love for numerology going back to the age of 14 when he first discovered it and that overtime he became more interested, beginning to collect books on the subject from as old as the 1700’s, as well as “analyzing himself and everyone he meets.” (a quote from the movie).

Together, the cousins created a one-of-a-kind reality TV movie, featuring all-local talent and well-known spots throughout DFW. And the response has been overwhelming. As the Fort Worth Weekly reported, they had a mob of fans outside the theater waiting for them, holding signs with their favorite bachelor on the night of the movie premiere in Downtown Fort Worth. Fans shouting, “Team Rocky!” “Team DeTuan!” “Team Angelo!” as they all walked across the red carpet.

The Story Behind the Movie

The cousins live together in Dallas, and poured everything they had into the making of the movie after just one spontaneous conversation in the kitchen about creating their own dating show using astrology and numerology. Zodiac Crush was born. With Michelle juggling her responsibilities as a Highland Park teacher and Med School student and Mike running his own art gallery. They still managed to work on the movie every day, directing and producing it independently.

But they didn't stop there. Michelle and Mike also took on the role of marketers for the movie, building buzz on social media and in local communities. And their hard work has paid off. "Zodiac Crush '' has become a local sensation, with fans flocking to theaters to catch a glimpse of the hilarious reality TV movie. Having already done two major shows in Fort Worth and Austin, Texas in their first months premiering people are on their toes waiting to see where they announce next.

Fast rise in Fame Sparks Controversy

With the fast rise in popularity it has also sparked controversy from those who view astrology as witchcraft, with some people saying the promotion of astrology is misleading, but that hasn't stopped the dynamic cousins from achieving success on their own terms. And the recent popularity of the movie is a wonderful thing to see. Two cousins becoming a success together in one of the hardest industries to break into. They have become a shining example of what can be achieved through passion, determination, and a willingness to take risks.

Dallas Talent captures an International Audience

The movie's popularity is not limited to Texas and quickly gained a strong following across the United States, and even into global audiences, with India being one of the countries where the movie is capturing audiences' hearts. In fact, the producers are already setting plans to visit India and have a live event in Delhi.

As a journalist, I've been amazed by the rise in interest in astrology and numerology in recent years, especially among younger generations. It's becoming clear that many people are drawn to the idea of using these sciences to find love and happiness. It leaves me wondering where the future of dating will go and if Mike Anthony was in fact correct about this being the new way to date, only time will tell.

Final Thoughts on the Movie

“Zodiac Crush" is a fun and heartwarming experience for anyone, whether you're into astrology, numerology, or reality TV. For Dallas locals, the movie provides a unique opportunity to support local talent and see your favorite spots on the big screen. With lovable characters, engaging storyline, and showcase of Dallas landmarks, this movie is sure to leave you feeling entertained and uplifted. So grab some popcorn and get ready to be swept away by the charm of "Zodiac Crush."

For more information visit: http://zodiacrush.com/.

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