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Religious Communities Find Comfort in Learning From Icon Writer Elena Stazhuk

Icon Writer Elena Stazhuk

Elena Stazhuk at School of Icon Painting

Stazhuk has taken her craft of writing religious icons and shared her gift with students from all walks of life

MOSCOW, RUSSIA, December 10, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- When the world thinks of religion, they don’t automatically think the term “business” yet icon writer, Elena Stazhuk, has proved both can parallel one another and intertwine in the most meaningful way. Indeed, Stazhuk has taken her craft of writing religious icons and shared her gift with students from all walks of life, teaching them how to honor their favorite saints through an online webinar series.

The result? A thriving business model founded upon the religious vision to uplift Christian men and women and ultimately help them bolster their journey with God by writing those who served him, doing so themselves in the process.

The Story Behind Elena Stazhuk

Stazhuk has been writing icons from the age of 15 given she was born into a family of Palekh artists. She is currently the icon writer of the temple Three Hierarchs of the Samara diocese. She is a graduate of the Palekh Art School and a member of both the Union of Artists of Russia and the International Association of Fine Arts at UNESCO.

Her artistic abilities have been used for the design of temples, houses for clergies as well as temple murals. She has also graduated from the Samara University of Architecture and Civil Engineering with a degree in Architecture; the topic of her thesis was "Temple Architecture".

She has found great comfort and solace in her icon craft and one day decided it was time to share her gift with her fellow religious community. Icon writer turned entrepreneur, she partnered with producer Oleg Yugai to launch the “Russian Icon-Writing School®” where anyone and everyone could sign up and learn the craft.

Stazhuk now leads a weekly online webinar where she goes over the 11 steps needed to write an icon. Her clear instructions make icon-writing accessible to all those who want to celebrate their saints and their religion in a form of art.

“I consider it my mission to give everyone the opportunity to write an icon,” she said, passionately.

The Story Behind Stahzuk’s Students

More than 1,700 people have written their first icon with Stahzuk’s guidance and each student has their own unique journey with the experience.

Indeed, the webinar series has become a safe haven for those who never even thought they could be an artist, let alone a religious one. The “Russian Icon-Writing School” has taken students in who are looking to create a family heirloom, feel they want to take a step closer to God, are interested in icons in general and/or have long dreamed of crafting in the name of God.

Moreover, students have found that icon-writing has alleviated stress, brought well-being and prosperity to their lives and families as well as became an emblem of the family they can pass along from generation to generation.

So many students of the school have original stories and expressed their happiness in joining the webinar series. One such student, Tamara Timofeevna, found that even though she was over 60 years old, learning to write icons like a professional allowed her to leave behind a legacy she was proud of.

“Learning to write icons with Elena has become an occupation for the soul, and I got to create a relic that will be passed down from generation to generation,” Timofeevna shared. “The best part is throughout the webinar, priests talk about the theology behind icon-writing, giving you the opportunity to touch the spiritual world even more and ultimately share it with your loved ones.”

There are countless journeys into icon-writing that have left students with deeper, sacred connections with both Christ and their families. Each journey leaves Stahzuk feeling more and more like her community is growing and brimming with purpose.

“It means the world to me when I see the joy in the eyes of happy students, to read their feedback and be a witness to their stories of self-transformation,” Stahzuk explained. “I invite everyone into the world of icon-writing— I truly believe with each icon that’s written, we can leave the world a kinder and better place.”

How to Join the Russian School of Icon Painting

Joining the “Russian School of Icon-Writing” is simple and takes just a few moments of a student’s time. They can first access the webinar and follow the online instructions on how to register.

Once registered, the student will receive by mail all the materials necessary. This includes a large box that contains jars of varnishes and multi-colored powders— pigments, various brushes, boards for writing icons, a collection of prayers and even a compass for drawing halos.

The webinar series will then take a student through both an artistic and spiritual journey, listening to priests speak about the blessings of icon painting and its importance as well as learning from Stahzuk how to properly icon-write. Any questions can be directed to Stahzuk at E.stazhuk@gmail.com.

“I try to create a special atmosphere of love at school, in which a person feels needed, not afraid to make mistakes and understands that at every stage he or she will be supported, helped, and guided,” Stahzuk said, kindly. “I reveal to my students all my secrets and pass on all the experience of generations of icon writers, whom I have met over the last 20 years of my craftsmanship; I invite all to join the school and see how icon-writing can change their life for the better.”

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