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VMS Solutions Unveils Game-Changing Life Sciences Solution for Production Efficiency

VIENNA, Va., Sept. 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- VMS Solutions, a renowned software leader in production planning, scheduling, and simulation, has introduced an innovative Life Sciences Solution set to revolutionize pharmaceutical and biotechnology manufacturing. Drawing on its two-decade expertise, previously serving semiconductor and display manufacturers, VMS Solutions now offers meticulous planning, scheduling, and simulation software tailored to the complexities of modern mass production.

Having excelled with global semiconductor and display giants, VMS Solutions has already transformed operations for leading South Korean life sciences firms. Now, it aims to replicate this success globally across the Americas, Europe, and APEC regions.

VMS Solutions' Life Sciences Solution empowers companies to construct annual production plans based on precise demand forecasts. These plans adapt to evolving circumstances, utilizing real-time data on the factory environment, material availability, and equipment usage to generate precise production schedules. This seamless synchronization between resources and demands equips firms to thrive in the dynamic life sciences sector.

The results are impressive. Companies adopting VMS Solutions' Life Sciences Solution report a remarkable 175% return on investment over two years, thanks to reductions in various costs, including a 35% drop in stockout costs, a 22% decrease in storage and holding expenses, a 15% reduction in logistics costs, and an 8.5% cut in inventory damage and disposal expenses. These achievements showcase the transformative potential of VMS Solutions' technology in redefining production planning and scheduling in life sciences.

Young Ju Kwon, head of Strategic Alliances at VMS Solutions, said, "We are thrilled to introduce our Life Sciences Solution to the Americas, Europe, and the APEC region. Leveraging our extensive experience in semiconductor and display manufacturing, we are confident our software will provide invaluable support to global life sciences leaders, enhancing efficiency and delivering substantial cost savings."

VMS Solutions' Life Sciences Solution bridges the gap between cutting-edge technology and the intricate demands of modern pharmaceutical and biotechnology production. By enabling swift adaptation to industry dynamics and informed decision-making, VMS Solutions is reshaping the future of life sciences manufacturing.

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About VMS Solutions: VMS Solutions is a leading software company offering AI-powered supply chain planning solutions to top global firms. With over two decades of experience, we have optimized manufacturing and production operations in various industries, from semiconductor producers to consumer goods manufacturers, delivering ultimate efficiency and cost reduction.

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