Florida-based Apocalypse Manufacturing has put its unique spin on internal-combustion off-roaders such as the Jeep Wrangler and Ram 1500 TRX, but now it’s going electric.

The Apocalypse Nirvana is a modified Rivian R1T with bigger tires and steroidal bodywork. The Nirvana measures 81 inches tall, 91 inches wide, and 214 inches long. That’s 2.8 inches taller, but about 3.1 inches shorter, than a stock R1T. Rivian only quotes a width number with the exterior mirrors folded, while Apocalypse doesn’t specify how it measured its version.

Apocalypse Manufacturing Nirvana Rivian R1TApocalypse Manufacturing Nirvana Rivian R1T

The modified truck retains Rivian’s signature front and rear horizontal light bars and vertical headlights, but the rest of the truck has the same faceted bodywork as other Apocalypse builds. It also wears a full Kevlar paint job Apocalypse claims protects from scratches, plus a custom roll bar and side steps. The interior looks mostly stock, however, and Apocalypse kept the Gear Tunnel pass-through behind the cab.

The Nirvana rolls on 38-inch tires mounted to 20-inch wheels. A press release mentions “dynamic computer-controlled suspension,” indicating Apocalypse has preserved some of the functionality of the R1T’s clever active air suspension system—one of the best features of the stock pickup.

Apocalypse Manufacturing Nirvana Rivian R1TApocalypse Manufacturing Nirvana Rivian R1T

Apocalypse quotes 850 hp and a 0-60 mph time of 3.0 seconds. For reference, the stock quad-motor R1T is rated at 835 hp and 908 lb-ft of torque, with the same 0-60 mph time. Apocalypse also mentions the same 11,000-pound maximum towing capacity as the quad-motor R1T.

The base price is $150,000, which includes the cost of a donor vehicle. The quad-motor R1T currently starts at $87,000, so you’re looking at a $63,000 premium for the Apocalypse modifications. The starting price is comparable to the $159,999 Apocalypse charges for the TRX-based Super Truck. The company also does 6×6 builds of gasoline off-roaders costing significantly more.

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