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  • World War II vets greeted by hundreds after trip of a lifetime

    SAN DIEGO — Seventy-six local World War II vets spent the weekend visiting memorials in Washington D.C. dedicated to their sacrifice. For some, the best part of the weekend was coming home to a major crowd. When they landed at Lindbergh Field, a crowd of nearly a thousand family and strangers, military and civilians, were ready to thank them. For some, the best part of the weekend was coming home to the crowd. Freddy Warner, He joined the U.S. Navy 73 years ago in San […]

  • Elderly woman dies in head-on crash in Spring Valley

    SPRING VALLEY, Calif. – An elderly couple was on their way home in Spring Valley Sunday when an SUV heading southbound crossed into northbound traffic and hit them, killing the woman in the passenger seat, California Highway Patrol officer said. The collision between a GMC SUV and a Toyota Camry happened at about 12:30 p.m. in the 10844 block of Jamacha Boulevard, near State Route 94, the CHP said. Both drivers and the woman were taking to Sharp Memorial Hospital. She did […]

  • San Diego company testing Zika vaccine

    SAN DIEGO — A Sorrento Valley company is trying to develop  a vaccine to protect people from infection by the Zika virus. Scientist Jonathan Smith says PaxVax already has developed a vaccine for typhoid and is in the final stages of bringing a cholera vaccine to market. He said little is known about Zika, but a lot of what scientists think they know, they are extrapolating from other viruses like yellow fever, dengue and West Nile. Scientists at PaxVax plan […]

  • Winds bring down massive trees in San Diego

    SAN DIEGO — Powerful winds brought down trees and wrecked havoc across San Diego. In Point Loma, a massive tree came down on Talbot Street, blocking the road for hours. They were strong enough to bring down a hundred-year-old tree at Ocean Beach Elementary. “It’s so sad. The kids are just so sad to see it go….It’s part of our school, a part of our tradition,” said 2nd grade teacher Angela Wunder, who has been teaching at the school for […]

  • street-repair

    Council wants $5B plan to ‘Rebuild San Diego’ on June ballot

    San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer, City Councilman Mark Kersey and Jerry Sanders of the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce are asking the City Council adopt a plan to spend $5 billion over 30 years on streets, parks and other infrastructure projects.

  • Star Wars tickets sell for over $100 on Craiglist

    SAN DIEGO – Star Wars fans only have to wait another three days until “The Force Awakens” hits theaters. Tickets at many local theaters are already sold out Thursday night. According to Variety Magazine, the movie has already exceeded pre-sales records, selling more than 50 million in tickets. So some people are hitting Craigslist, where tickets for Thursday night are selling for around $100 dollars. One seller is hoping the hype will allow him to sell two tickets for $500 […]

  • Strong winds topple trees, street light

    SAN DIEGO – Powerful winds whipped across Southern California Monday. Gusts were strong enough to send a street light in Torrey Pines crashing down in La Jolla. Just a few blocks away near Girard Avenue and Kline Streets, a teetering business sign forced officials to block off an alley. They feared the heavy sign could come down and hurt someone.  And heavy winds unearthed a tree in National City, blocking Civic Center Drive early Monday morning. Guy Olson’s pepper tree […]

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    Campaign to lower drinking age incites passions

    SAN DIEGO — Should adults be allowed to drink starting age 18? One California man says yes — and he’s hoping to change the state’s drinking law next year. The man behind the proposed ballot initiative, Bay Area resident Terrance Lynn, says 18-year-olds are adults and they should have every burden and privilege adults have. The initiative to lower the legal drinking limit to 18 has been cleared to begin collecting signatures according to the California Secretary’s of State’s Office. […]

  • 2 people and dog found dead in Alpine fire

    ALPINE, Calif. – An early morning fire killed two people and a dog living in an Alpine guest house Saturday. Two other people were injured. Around 1:15 a.m., nearly 30 firefighters from several agencies and San Diego County Sheriff’s Department deputies hurried to the fire that broke out in the 700 block of South Grade Road. The fire was so bright and high, 9-1-1 calls came in from more than a mile away, according to Alpine Fire Chief Bill Paskle. The homeowner, […]

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