Troy Hirsch

My whole purpose in life is to have as much fun as I can, as often as I can. Fortunately, I have the perfect job for that. I get to cover sports and share stories about San Diegans who do remarkable things in the world of sports. They enjoy what they do, which allows me to REALLY enjoy what I do.

I’m known around the newsroom for… my good looks, charm and hard work (okay, one out of three isn’t bad)

If I wasn’t in TV news, I would… Try the professional water skiing circuit.

On my days off, I can be found… Water skiing in Mission Bay or Imperial Lakes or mountain biking in the hills and mountains around San Diego County.

My most memorable TV moment Covering Super Bowl XXXVII when the Buccaneers whipped up on the Raiders at Qualcomm Stadium and going live on the field afterwards.

I give back to my community by… Volunteering for the Holiday Bowl and Poinsettia Bowls

Dinner for 5 – who’s invited? My dad, Barack Obama, Warren Buffett, Kate Beckinsale (I assume I’m the 5th?)

If I had free time, I would… Spend more time at the beach

My guilty pleasure is… Lady Gaga

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