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  • Local pageants short on contestants

    SAN DIEGO – Pageants like Miss San Diego are a long time tradition that date back nearly a hundred years, but some local pageants say their number of contestants are dwindling. It may be every little girl’s dream to be a pageant queen, but ironically it wasn’t Kelsy Schwarz’s dream. Despite that, the 21-year old was crowned Miss San Diego 2013 and Miss Southland 2014. “You grow so much as a person,” Schwarz said.  “It has been a great experience.” […]

  • ‘Campaign guru’ charged in political finance conspiracy

    SAN DIEGO – A self-styled “campaign guru” accused of conspiring with a former San Diego police detective and others to funnel more than $500,000 of illegal foreign money into San Diego municipal and federal campaigns faced a judge Tuesday. Ravneet Singh, 41, the proprietor of Washington, D.C.-based ElectionMall, Inc., was arraigned in San Diego Tuesday on charges that he conspired to finance political campaigns using money from an illegal foreign source. Federal Bureau of Investigation agents took Singh into custody […]

  • Oceanside tries to lure San Diego businesses away

    Oceanside, CA – Nevada and Texas both campaigned to lure California businesses away, last year.  Now Oceanside is trying to get in on the action, trying to attract San Diego businesses to its community. Two Oceanside city council members, Jerry Kern and Gary Felien, sent out a letter this week targeting San Diego Business owners. The letter opens by slamming San Diego, calling it an anti-business, anti-taxpayer city. “San Diego seems intent on going on a path of higher taxes […]

  • ‘Polar Vortex’ has ripple effect in San Diego

    SAN DIEGO – Wicked weather across most of the country is having an impact in San Diego, despite the sunny skies. This week Dave Small traveled from North Carolina to San Diego for a work function. Due to below zero temperatures and a severe winter storm, Small experienced numerous delays and cancellations at several airports, before arriving in San Diego. “It took 48 hours, but I got here,” said Small. As a result of all the delays, Small showed up […]

  • Vote to extend unemployment benefits delayed

    SAN DIEGO – The politically charged vote by the U.S. Senate to extend long term unemployment insurance will be postponed until Tuesday. Republicans and Democrats alike were impacted by bad weather Monday.  As a result, 17 senators were absent on Capitol Hill, leading to the delay of a key vote on a bill to restore unemployment benefits for nearly 1.3 millions Americans. “I’ve lost it all,” said Joy Dauda of San Diego, who has been out of work since March 2013.  […]

  • Creation museum denied membership in Museum Council

    Santee, CA –  A Bible-based creation museum, one of the few in America, was recently denied membership into the San Diego Museum Council.  The museum’s president said he believes the reason is a prejudice against God. “Our museum teaches that there is a creator,” said Tom Cantor, President of Museum of Creation and Earth.  “The position of the museum is to teach what the bible teaches about creation.” Last week, the San Diego Museum Council, a coalition of local museums […]

  • Mission Beach bar allows kids and babies

    Mission Beach, Cali. – Grab a beer and some diapers, a Mission Beach bar not only has booze but now it will have babies too. After more than half a century of only allowing customers 21-years of age and older into its bar, one The Coaster Bar and Grille will now welcome babies and kids. The Coaster, which is known for its craft beer, has been a local hang out for its customers since it first opened in 1956. “I […]

  • Poway scraps red light cameras

    POWAY, Calif. — In a unanimous vote Tuesday night, the Poway city council pulled the plug on the city’s red light cameras installed back in 2005 at three Poway intersections. “I think they’re a hazard,” said Laura Danahy, a driver who was happy about the red light camera ban. “I think the cameras make people either go too fast through the intersection,” said Danahy, “or they slow down prematurely and they cause a premature accident.” In March, the council suspended […]

  • Crash course for careers in cannabis comes to San Diego

    SAN MARCOS, Calif. – In 1998 Robert Calkin moved to Los Angeles, started a band and another side business, that back then, was not legal. “I decided to start a marijuana delivery service so I could meet everyone in the music business,” Calkins said. Calkins’ business didn’t propel his band into stardom as he had hoped, but it did finance the band for 25 years as they toured the world and recorded albums. in 2008, years after marijuana became legal […]

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