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  • San Diego researchers help in search for missing jet

    SAN DIEGO -Malaysia Airlines flight 370 disappeared almost half-a-world away, somewhere over Southeast Asia.  Yet, a part of the search for the missing jet is taking place here in San Diego. “It’s so far away when you look at the physical faraway,” said Eric Frost a Professor and Researcher at San Diego State University, “but really all of this is just connected via the internet.” On March 8, Malaysia flight 370 disappeared.  Within  minutes of finding out, researchers 14 time […]

  • Rarely seen false killer whales spotted off Southern Cal Coast

    SAN DIEGO – A pod of rarely seen false killer whales is making a splash along the coast of Southern California. Whale watchers off of Orange County’s Dana Point got a once in a lifetime sighting of false killer whales this week. “It’s probably been the best three days of our lives here,” said Captain Hartman of Dana Wharf.  He spotted the the pod of about 40 false killer whales not once, but four times since Wednesday. “They rubbed themselves […]

  • New canine sterilization shot replaces surgery

    SAN DIEGO – The first-ever FDA approved single-injection dog sterilization that could replace the need to surgically castrate male dogs became available this week. Zeuterin is an injection administered by trained veterinarians directly into the reproductive organs of a male dog. The company that makes it, Ark Sciences said it is 99 percent effective for the lifetime of the dog. Dr. Corey Cole, veterinarian for the San Diego Humane Society and SPCA, said most reports describe Zeuterin as a non-painful […]

  • Lifeguards rescue pooch from Torrey Pines cliffside

    SAN DIEGO – A five-year old pug named Nacho went for a walk with his owner around 2 p.m. near the cliffs at the Torrey Pines Glider Port. Lifeguards said the dog, who was unleashed, got excited when he spotted some birds near the edge of a cliff.  He chased the birds, and became stuck about 40 feet from the top of the cliff. “The owner suspected that Nacho just maneuvered his way down the cliff to a point where […]

  • San Diego tech tycoon accused of beating reality TV show star

    SAN DIEGO – A San Diego business man was accused of assaulting of a reality TV show star in a drunken, jealous rage, an attorney confirmed Thursday. Prosecutors in Utah charged Patrick Henry, the CEO of Entropic Communications Inc. in San Diego, with assaulting Beverly Hills Nannies’ star Ariane Bellamar. Authorities alleged the 51-year-old Henry was hosting Bellamar at his home in Park City, Utah on January 23 when he assaulted her and threw her phone to the ground when […]

  • Californians may be alerted to quakes in the future

    SAN DIEGO -In the future Californians may get a warning before an earthquake starts to shake beneath them. 20- years ago the 6.7 magnitude Northridge earthquake killed 57 people and injured  9,000 more. It came as a complete surprise. “The more we study earthquakes the more we realize how hard it is to predict them,” said Thomas Heaton, a seismology engineering professor at Cal Tech.  ” Some of us believe they may be fundamentally unpredictable.” Cal Tech, U.C. Berkley and […]

  • San Diego’s meth report card nothing to brag about

    SAN DIEGO — The year 2012 was the second-worst for methamphetamine-related deaths in San Diego County since record keeping started in 1995, according to the latest “Meth Report Card” released Tuesday. The county said 217 methamphetamine deaths were recorded two years ago. Since officials began keeping track of meth-related fatalities, 2005 was the worst year with 245 dead. “While San Diego County is no longer the meth capital of the world, people’s lives are still being turned upside down because […]

  • Businesses drafted in human trafficking campaign

    SAN DIEGO – A statewide campaign against the growing problem of human trafficking is underway and soon some businesses will be required to do their part to help crackdown on this illegal activity. Human trafficking is a $32-billion-a-year industry which enslaves it victims in prostitution and hard labor. “Human trafficking involves being forced to engage in activities such as commercial sex, housework, farm work, construction, factory retail or restaurant work, in which the victim cannot leave the situation,” said Todd […]

  • Scam alert: Watch for $9.84 charges

    SAN DIEGO – If there is anytime when consumers need to be diligent about checking their credit card statements, it is now. The Better Business Bureau is warning consumers about a suspicious charge showing up on many credit card bills.  But, they say, it is often going unnoticed. “I have a lot of small charges on my credit card,” said Cinzia Anderson, a San Diego consumer.  “But I haven’t checked if those small charges were made by me or not,” […]

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