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  • Trendy therapy helps men combat ‘manopause’

    CARLSBAD, Calif. – If you think women are the only ones who go through a mid-life hormonal change, known as menopause, think again. Men experience a very similar change, only instead of hot flashes and night sweats, they have muscle and memory loss. As men age they lose testosterone, the hormone responsible for muscle mass, energy and a healthy libido, according to family physician Dr. Michael Woo-Ming.  It’s called “Low-T” and more and more men are being treated for it. […]

  • Military’s fastest & sleekest fighter jet soars into San Diego

    MIRAMAR, Calif-San Diego is home to some of the nation’s best pilots, and in the next few years, the Pentagon’s most elite plane will be stationed here. It’s called the F-35 and very few people, including those in the military, have seen the jet first hand. FOX-5 was granted an exclusive look at the plane before the Miramar Airshow in October. The plane flew in from Arizona and was only in San Diego for a few hours. It never returned […]

  • Inside the budding industry of cannabis cuisine

    LONG BEACH, Calif. – Cannabis cuisine has exploded in California over the last six months. Professional chefs and amateur cooks alike are learning about the medicinal benefits of cooking with marijuana and rapidly changing the culinary world. Medical marijuana is a multi-billion dollar industry that consists of much more than just smoking or selling pot. Marijuana is being used in everything from lotions to sodas to ice cream, and one of the fastest growing trends involves the kitchen. Cheri Sicard […]

  • Facing realities of placing parents in assisted living

    CARDIFF BY THE SEA, Calif. – Often a time comes when adult children reverse roles with their parents and start making decisions for their loved ones.  When it happens, the decisions that need to be made are not easy ones. About 35 million Americans are 65 years old and older and that number is expected to double by 2030, according to the National Center for Health Statistic Resources for Older Americans. There are more than 500 assisted living facilities in […]

  • Group recycles 100K cigarette butts

    SAN DIEGO – A San Diego based organization that started a cigarette butt redemption program last year is about to embark on another innovative idea. Ripple Life will be the first group to send in cigarette butts to be recycled on a commercial level. In January 2011, avid surfer and beach lover, Curtis Baffico decided to start a program that paid people based on the amount of butts they collected. The redemption program was the first of its kind in […]

  • Some small business owners give Yelp 1-star review

    Yelp is by far the most popular website for consumer reviews, but lately, more small business owners are reporting frustrations with the site. “It was only when I became a business owner that I started to understand that Yelp can be a hindrance,” said Charley Dehoney. Dehoney started Box Brothers, a packing and shipping company in Rancho Bernardo, three years ago. As an avid “yelper” himself, Dehoney naturally wanted to rely on Yelp and social media for his marketing. “When […]

  • FOX 5 proves medical marijuana card ‘easy’ to get

    SAN DIEGO – Medical marijuana has had its fair share of headlines this week, from the San Diego City Council considering re-legalizing dispensaries to Drug Enforcement Agents raiding them. FOX-5 decided to investigate a different element of medicinal marijuana: How easy is it to get a card to legally smoke it? Will Wooton is a teen drug and alcohol counselor and founder of Pacific Treatment Services in Escondido. “First it was almost unbelievable. It was just hard to imagine that […]

  • ‘Credit score dating’ gains popularity

    SAN DIEGO – Move over “E-Harmony” and “” There is a new player in the dating game called “,” and it’s based on the potential mate’s ability to pay their bills. Recent studies have shown more and more young people are inquiring about a potential mate’s financial situation before they get into a serious relationship. Hellen Chen, known as “the matchmaker of the century” said she is not surprised singles are paying attention to credit scores. “They are probably thinking, […]

  • New cyber scam takes your computer hostage

    SAN DIEGO – A new computer scam “Ransonware” is infecting and affecting thousands of people across the country.  Some cyber security analysts have dubbed it the “new Nigerian scam.” “If I’m an attacker, I’ll go ahead and put Ransomware on your computer and say I need a certain amount of money for you to get your documents back,” said Chris Astacio, a security manager for Websense, a cyber-security firm in Sorrento Valley. Astacio said hackers essentially take your computer hostage […]

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