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  • Coast Guard offloads 25 tons of cocaine in San Diego

    U.S. Coast Guard offloaded around 25 tons of cocaine seized in the eastern Pacific Ocean between late July and early November.

  • 5 Things I’ve Learned Training for Boston

    This will be my 9th marathon and each time I run, and train, I feel like I learn something brand new. In the 3 months I spent training I went through three pairs of shoes, only five gel packets, countless gallons of water, received one massage, and had one big splurge at Lululemon. Along with that little laundry list, I did come away with a few good “running” life lessons. 1. YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT Especially if you decide […]

  • 2 Weeks Away & a 24-Hour Bug

    Oh, the unlikely stomach bug that haunts you in the night! The one after you’ve had a great sushi dinner that you would have loved to taste only once. Okay, TMI, I know. But seriously, two weeks until race day, and I have to get sick? No fun! Luckily, all of the long training days are out of the way, and I’m currently in “taper” mode. Phew. The only issue really is that I’m weak, drained, dehydrated, and tired from […]

  • From the Beach to Boston

    Many of you might be thinking, “big surprise, Heather is running another marathon!” I totally get it, people who love to run dozens of miles back to back must have a few screws loose, but hey, who doesn’t? I’m excited to announce that I will be participating in the 2014 Boston Marathon, and my training starts January 6th. The next thing you may be thinking is, “how did she get a bib for Boston? Don’t you have to qualify?”. The […]

  • Training on a Wine Country Vacation

    HOW DO YOU DO IT? Training on vacation or a weekend get-a-way can be one of the best ways to log your miles. This particular weekend I had a wedding, wine tasting, and good bye brunch for the bride and groom. Translate that: cocktails, wine, and unlimited bloody marys. For those who can handle all of that and still get their training in, good for you! I personally need to run a cleaner engine to see my hard work pay […]

  • Running on a Juice Cleanse

    After indulging a little too much on vacation and then Super Bowl weekend, I decided a juice cleanse would be a great way to clean out the system and jump start my diet (my wedding is 7 months away). The diet is a 3-day “all juice” cleanse and it was the first time I’d ever done this type of cleanse. So far so good! I think the toughest part was going trying to do a really tough workout with so […]

  • Mixing Crossfit with Marathon Training…a Recipe for Disaster?

    Have you ever seen the body of a Crossfit competitor??? Or better yet, have you seen a Crossfit competitor run? Their bodies are chiseled, ripped and on the “meaty” side, and their running is far from impressive. While Crossfit may not seem like the best idea for a runner, I gave it a try. Over the past three years, I’ve become part of the Crossfit community (join me at Crossfit 2120 in Del Mar!) and it is now my secret […]

  • It’s Raining, It’s Pouring, and I’m Running

    The “monster” rain storm that hit San Diego was needed, but definitely wasn’t on my training schedule. In Southern California we are so blessed with year-round sunshine and perfect conditions for running outdoors. For many of us, we haven’t stepped foot on a treadmill in years! Running outside, especially for a 16 mile training run, seems much more exciting and so that is exactly what I did (with a little motivation from my running partner, of course). My training partner, […]

  • Colds, Coughing….and Training for Boston?

    You wake up, you’re coughing, your nose won’t stop running, and you feel like your head might explode! Problem is, your legs feel fine and your Boston Marathon training schedule says you have an eight mile run to do. What’s a girl to do? My marathon training started that way, which was not optimal. Now, I’m no doctor, but I have trained for nine marathons, a handful of 70.3 distance triathlons, and a full Ironman, all during flu season, and […]

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