Tabitha Lipkin

Hey, I’m Tabitha! I’m completely stoked to be part of the FOX 5 team as the weekend sports anchor and reporter. I hail from the land of cowboys and crazy delicious breakfast tacos, graduating from the University of Texas in 2012 (Hook ’em!).

Since then, I’ve worked in all corners of broadcast. I started my career behind the scenes working in late night television for both “Conan on TBS” and “The Colbert Report.” I knew I wanted to be a fun and personable communicator like them, so I transitioned into a more “in-front-of-the-camera” role.

Some of the highlights of my career include working for FOX Sports San Diego and creating unique content for their “SD Live” and “Keepin’ Tabs” shows, winning Miss Scuba International 2014, anchoring nationally for OAN, winning an Emmy for my travel show “Private Islands” and doing weather-features-sports for the former CW6 station in San Diego (may that old dinosaur rest in peace).

Other notable things: I’m a diver master that travels as much as humanly possible. I’m always down for a good glass of scotch. I try to make people laugh. I spend too much time taking selfies and bikini pictures and I avoid working out at all possible costs. Anything else you want to know will require more than one glass of scotch.

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