Merrilee Moore

Picture this: it’s a time when tape recorders (remember those?) are still a thing. I click the record button to tape over whatever used to exist on that tape and out of my mouth comes a story. That’s one of my earliest memories as a kid and it should have clued me in then that I’d be telling stories for a living when I grew up.

It all began to come together in my high school broadcasting class. They told me I was in charge of doing a segment that essentially consisted of public service announcements refreshing our adolescent brains on a list of school rules. I turned that into a challenge to make it as engaging as possible because what high school peers want to hear me tell them all the dos and don’ts? I didn’t lose any friends after those segments aired so I’m guessing it went off well.

I graduated Shorter University in Georgia with a Bachelors Degree in Journalism, a radio internship under my belt and about a year’s worth of experience of reporting in the bag. My first job out of college was as a traffic reporter and country music radio DJ for WYCT in Pensacola, FL. It lit the fire inside of me to push myself as far as I could go. But alas! I had no demo reel for TV. How could I convince prospective employers that I can do stuff and things? I recruited some video production friends to help me put a demo together and it was the key that opened the next door of opportunity: WCTI NewsChannel 12 in Eastern North Carolina.

As a multimedia journalist at WCTI I learned to defy deadlines, problem solve like nobody’s business, edit, produce, report, anchor and do it all while lookin’ pretty for that camera. It’s amazing when you discover what you are meant to do. Not only do you grow professionally, but you also grow as a person. I’ve learned to be fearless. I’ve learned nobody’s opinion of you changes the truth about you. I’ve learned just because something scares you doesn’t mean you shouldn’t kick fear in the face and do it anyway. I’ve learned to bring a positive attitude to work every day because we all have the power to impact the environments around us – so why not impact them for good?

All those fabulous lessons learned, I finally landed at FOX 5 San Diego. Every day I go out in the field and learn something new about America’s Finest City. It never gets old discovering what makes this vastly unique area tick. I’m honored to do life with you and bring you the news that impacts your life!

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