Josh Board is a member of the San Diego Film Critics Society and has been reviewing movies since 1990.

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  • The Day Shall Come

    This political satire started off with a Sorry to Bother You / Blindspotting vibe, and in the second half felt more like In the Loop…with a dash of Kafka.  My wife and I laughed through out. There are non-stop jokes and bizarre scenarios, although it’s often not laugh out loud funny, as much as it’s just amusing and enjoyable to watch. There are a bunch of bumbling fools working for the FBI, and constantly trying to nail drug dealers and […]

  • The Death of Dick Long

    I’m going to hate saying this title when I review it on the air. It’s like you’re saying the name of a porn flick. And after you see the movie, the title will have multiple meanings. The first 30 minutes of this had an interesting set-up. A bunch of rednecks in a garage band in Alabama, drinking and acting crazy after a rehearsal. A spoiler alert isn’t needed to say one of the guys dies. Hell, it’s in the title. […]

  • Judy

    I was worried about this movie, because…I was looking forward to Stan & Ollie last year. It had two actors I love playing Laurel and Hardy. It showed them at the end of their career, playing shows in the UK. This movie shows the legendary Judy Garland, six months before her death, doing a series of shows in London. Yet surprisingly, it was more like a movie I loved from a few years ago (Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool). […]

  • The Wedding Year

    Director Robert Luketic can do this genre. He’s had success and failure, with movies that include Legally Blonde, Monster-in-Law, 21, The Ugly Truth, and the underrated Win a Date With Tad Hamilton (Topher Grace, Kate Bosworth, and the film debut of Josh Duhamel). This movie started rather promisingly. We watch as hip boutique clerk Mara (Sarah Hyland from Modern Family) shows up to work late, and not seeming to care. Yet she’s great with customers. She has a gay best […]

  • Ad Astra

    My dad split when I was 4-years-old and I basically never saw him again. One time I was asking my mom what movies he liked and she told me they saw a double-feature the year before I was born (1968) that was 2001: A Space Odyssey and Ice Station Zebra. 2001 was two hours and 45 minutes long and Zebra was two and a half hours. She was bored to tears and he was in heaven. I thought about that […]

  • Downton Abbey

    I was going to be late for the screening of Downton Abbey and…then I got a migraine. My wife was already down at the theatre, and she was more excited to see it than I. That’s mostly because I’ve never seen a single episode of the show. I texted her, and this is the conversation we had (which I’m going to turn into a review). Josh Board: How was the movie? Tina Board: It was great. I liked it from […]

  • Hustlers

    It’s strike three for Lorene Scafaria, and she’s out! The female writer/director disappointed me in 2012 with Seeking a Friend for the End of the World, and three years after that, with The Meddler. And, I won’t even count the horrible screenplay she gave us for Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist. And now she’s given us a movie that is on my list for one of the worst of the year. My wife and I are perplexed at the early […]

  • Villains

    This is the type of fun I wish you could have at the movies more often. It might not be Citizen Kane or Pulp Fiction, but you have a blast watching it. Speaking of Pulp Fiction, I give my wife props for saying early on, “This is like that dumb couple in the beginning of Pulp Fiction, with Tim Roth…robbing the diner, but they ended up stumbling into a David Lynch movie.” I had already been thinking more David Lynch […]

  • Auggie — Review and Interview

    This movie is like Her (Joaquin Phoenix) meets About Schmidt (Jack Nicholson). And I liked it better than those movies, and those were films by Spike Jonez and Alexander Payne — two of the best filmmakers working today. And to think, this movie was made by the young filmmaker Matt Kane, who was an actor before taking on directing duties. It might not be as good as Ex Machina, which dealt with artificial intelligence. But this movie is a lot […]

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