Josh Board is a member of the San Diego Film Critics Society and has been reviewing movies since 1990.

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  • The Captain

    German writer/director Robert Schwentke has done a lot of movies I haven’t cared for (RED, The Time Traveler’s Wife, R.I.P.D., Insurgent). With this, he has given us a powerful, bizarre re-creation of an apparently true story that came out of World War II. In the last weeks of the war, a German soldier (Max Hubacher) is hunted down as a deserter and looter. After escaping, and killing a farmer to do so, he finds a captain’s uniform in a vehicle. […]

  • Mile 22

    Peter Berg and Mark Wahlberg have done four movies together. Lone Survivor was okay (my wife said all of Wahlberg’s movies could be called ‘Lone Survivor’ because he seems to be the only one who ends up surviving). Their film Deepwater Horizon had its moments. And Patriot’s Day was interesting for the fact that it was a true story (as were their other films together). Yet when Berg and Wahlberg try to make their version of The Raid, or Bourne […]

  • The Miseducation of Cameron Post

    Chloe Grace Moretz has really transitioned nicely from the little girl in Kick-Ass, to a talented young lady who does interesting work. Even though I hated the Louis C.K. movie (which nobody saw because of, well, you know)…she was good in that. In this, she plays Cameron, who is sent by her legal guardian to a gay conversion therapy camp after she’s caught in the backseat of a car with a girl. At “God’s Promise,” the religious folks try to […]

  • Crazy Rich Asians

    I heard someone on TV say that this is the first movie that’s had an all Asian cast since The Joy Luck Club in the early 90s. Well, I don’t give movies extra credit for stuff like that. I don’t care if Girl’s Trip is all African-American women, or Trainwreck starred a heavy woman, or My Big Fat Greek Wedding being the first Greek romantic comedy. I’m just looking to be entertained for a few hours, not worrying about equality […]

  • The Meg

    I was around 8-years-old when I saw Jaws at a movie theatre in Mira Mesa showing double-features during the summer for $1. The movie had come out a few years earlier, but in the ‘70s, it’s not like you could watch them on Netflix or rent them at a video store. I can’t speak for anyone else in the theatre, but that shark scared me so bad, I didn’t even want my feet dangling over the seats. I was convinced […]

  • BlacKkKlansman

    Spike Lee has a handful of movies I like, but he usually disappoints me. He’s just not a very good storyteller. This movie started with two things that didn’t work. Alec Baldwin playing a racist, 1950s academic, doing a PSA style video where he keeps flubbing his lines. He’s just got so much baggage (especially playing Trump on SNL), that it didn’t work. Then, right after this, these cartoonish letters pop on screen telling us something like “This story is […]

  • McQueen

    This is a rags to riches story (pun intended), about a tortured artist if ever there was one. And you don’t have to be a fashionista to appreciate this biopic, but it certainly helps. I hear the name “McQueen” and I’m thinking of a guy on a motorcycle in The Great Escape, or in a Mustang in Bullitt. I’m not thinking of a pudgy fashion designer that acts like a punk rocker, listening to Sinead O’Connor and having a fashion […]

  • The Oscars Blow it Again — Adding a New Category

    I almost crashed my car today (wait, that intro sounds like a David Crosby song). On one of the talk shows I was listening to, they said that the Oscars were adding a few new categories. I couldn’t believe my ears. I had hoped it would be one for stuntmen (something they’ve been gunning for for years). I mean, we hear about stuntmen dying every few years. This year, we heard (and saw) Tom Cruise breaking his ankle while trying […]

  • Dog Days

    During these dog days of summer, it’s the perfect time for this aptly titled movie. Enjoy the air conditioned movie theatre as you watch cute mutts running around. I was really looking forward to this movie. I’m a dog lover, and actor/director Ken Marino is to me, what Dan Marino is to Dolphins fans. I loved him in Diggers (which he wrote), Tortilla Soup, and In A World…. As a writer, he also gave us Role Models, Wanderlust, and a […]