Josh Board is a member of the San Diego Film Critics Society and has been reviewing movies since 1990.

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  • Hal Linden and Ryan Ochoa Interview — The Samuel Project

      At the San Diego International Film Festival, I was given the opportunity to interview actors Hal Linden and Ryan Ochoa. Their movie is The Samuel Project, and if you missed seeing it at the Festival, it’s opening this weekend at the Mission Valley AMC. One of the producers thanked me for my review of the film (you can read that here: (  ). He said “I’m going to give you a hug!” If only more producers felt that way […]

  • The Happy Prince

    I’ve always wanted to go to Paris, and if I go, I’ll be sure to visit the Pere Lachaise Cemetery. It’s where Frederic Chopin and Edith Piaf are buried, and my two favorite writers — Jim Morrison and Oscar Wilde. Wilde and Morrison have a few other things in common. Both were self-destructive alcoholics who died young. Had Wilde not being jailed for his homosexuality and lived a full life, I think he would’ve been the most prolific playwright of […]

  • Halloween

    I heard a right-wing commentator on the radio making fun of Jamie Lee Curtis because she was on a talk show and said something about being against assault rifles. He went on and on about how hypocritical it was for her to make a movie like Halloween (she was also a producer) in which her character has a variety of weapons, and like most actors — don’t give a whip about what their characters do on screen. Well, I call […]

  • The Oath

    Sometimes when I’m doing movie reviews on KOGO 600 AM, I won’t realize it’s a few days before Thanksgiving or the 4th of July, and they’ll ask me my favorite movie about those holidays. I get caught off guard. An underrated Thanksgiving movie is Home for the Holidays, directed by Jodie Foster almost 25 years ago. That terrific cast (Holly Hunter, Robert Downey Jr., David Strathairn, Anne Bancroft, Charles Durning, Dylan McDermott, Claire Danes) does their share of bickering, but […]

  • The Old Man and the Gun

    Robert Redford claims this is the last movie he’ll star in. It’s nice that he’s going to take the bad taste out of our mouth that he left with that boring All is Lost. Yet it worried me that his movie is with director David Lowery (Ain’t Them Body Saints). Lowery gave us one of the weirdest, and slowest, ghost movies ever with A Ghost Story last year. He brought Casey Affleck (who merely had a white sheet over his […]

  • The Hate U Give

    When we were leaving this movie, my wife said that it felt too much like the YA novel it was based on. I had no clue it was a book. I thought director George Tillman Jr. (Soul Food) just made a movie based on Tupac’s T.H.U.G. L.I.F.E. acronym. Starr Carter is played wonderfully by Amandla Stenberg, who was also good in The Hunger Games and the cheesy Everything, Everything. Starr is perfectly named, because she is a bit of a […]

  • Bad Day at the El Royale

    Last Christmas I was on the East Coast visiting family, and at one point went to see a friend for a few days in Jersey. We were sitting in his Jacuzzi and started talking movies, when he found out I had never seen Cabin in the Woods. It was midnight, but he made us immediately put down our cigars, dry off, and go inside to watch it. The first half was intriguing, but the second half went off the rails. […]

  • San Diego International Film Festival — It’s a Wrap!

    In all my years of going to the San Diego International Film Festival, I’ve never gone to the “Culinary Cinema” event they do on Sundays. That’s due to a few things. First, I’m not all that into cooking and fancy foods. The Festival shows a food related film and has lots of delicious foods on the beautiful patio area of the ArcLight in La Jolla. The second reason I don’t go is because I’m a hardcore football fan and would […]

  • San Diego International Film Festival — Day 4

    I finally found a way to break my addiction to the buzzboxes, and it didn’t involve AA. As I was in the VIP lounge before my first movie, I was walking over to grab a Margarita buzzbox, and I noticed a table with two different kinds of cupcakes. I detoured and walked over there. After trying one of these chocolate pastries for Cupcakes Squared, I found another love to replace my affections for the other squared, box of delicious liquid. […]