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  • “Outlands” an Animated Journey

    Announced at Comic-Con during Geek &amp; Sundry’s panel, the new 16-bit saga animation is going live TODAY August 6th on the Geek &amp; Sundry YouTube channel,  Created by Adam de le Peña (<i>Code </i><i>Monkeys; Your Dungeon, My Dragon</i>) the animated web series is a new show developed for audiences who love video games, science fiction and little things that hit each other the show stars Felicia Day, Dana Snyder, Adam de la Pena, Doug Benson, and Jason Sumwalt. Its 1992. […]

  • Sword Art Online (Review)

      First, let me say that I was addicted to the MMO RPG genre of gaming for a couple years. I tried to live, breathe, and eat the MMO RPG genre…namely World of Warcraft. It gave me an escape from reality and I could do things that aren’t possible in the real world. The social aspect of the genre also gave me the interaction with people that I looked for, sans the physical contact. So in short, I am intimately […]

  • Resident Evil Live Action Rant!

    When you search for the definition of the word “nerd” on the Internet, chances are this is the definition you might come across: Per Dictionary: Definition of NERD: : an unstylish, unattractive, or socially inept person;<em>especially</em> : one slavishly devoted to intellectual or academic pursuits We are half way through the thirteenth year of the millennium. I would say that definition of the word “NERD” is outdated. Why? Because “NERD” is the new “COOL.” If you’re a “nerd,” you’re part […]

  • Comic-Con 2014 REGISTRATION!

    For all of you that are interested in attending San Diego Comic Con 2014(or for you newbies, Comic-Con Internaional), they’ve posted more information on how to obtain those coveted passes. CLICK HERE RIGHT NOW!!! It seems, for now, that they’ll be giving priority to previous SDCC2013 badge holders. So stay tuned to our page!! As they roll out more information, we’ll keep you in that loop!  

  • San Diego Comic Con 2013

    So Another Main Event in the Books! Comic-Con 2013 has come, destroyed out wallets, murdered our feet, took away our sleep and left a stench of geek downtown.. BUT IT WAS FUN RIGHT!!!! Too many things happening at once, lines more obscene than previous years, panels packed wall to wall and the exclusives harder and harder to obtain.. The Cosplayers came out in full force again this year, which makes Comic-Con the next big costume holiday next to halloween:   […]

  • Can You Defeat Sheng Long Art Show

    With those words uttered, many artists, some local and others not, set out to showcase their take on some of the beloved Street Fighter characters we’ve all come to love (or loathe). Held on the third night of San Diego Comic Con (because we have to count Preview Night now), Space 4 Art opened their doors to let the public see “Who Can Defeat Sheng Long.” Many of the pieces belonged to students from Platt College, but the public was also […]

  • Course of the Force @ Comic-Con

    Comic-Con started a little early for us this year, we were invited to the Course of the Force Ending Ceremony. Course of the Force was founded by Chris Hardwick’s group “Nerdist” and in collaboration with the Make-A-Wish foundation, 100% of all proceeds and registrations were donated to the foundation. The event is a one week run that starts at Skywalker Ranch in the Bay Area and makes their way down the California Coast line and ends in San Diego just […]

  • DLC for Last of Us?

    Clearing everything up was Neil Druckmann, Creative Director, and Bruce Straley, Game Director, who went to Kotaku and called attention to this particular quote from a previous interview: “I think the world is ripe for more stories, but as far as the journey Joel and Ellie goes on it ends with this game. We were very conscious that we didn’t want to leave this story dangling. If we never do a sequel, we’re okay with it, because we told the […]

  • Dance Party Friday COMIC CON ’13 Edition

      Our weekly Dance Party goes off again and this time with Special Guest David Boreanaz and all the Cosplayers at Comic-Con! Anytime, anywhere, we can always throw a dance party!

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