SAN DIEGO — Sitaare is University of California, San Diego’s first-ever south Asian a cappella team. The inclusive vocal group was birthed in 2006 to bring a thoughtful blend of South Asian and Western music to the university a cappella scene.

Since its inception the group has won several awards, including two best soloists and second place during last year’s International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella Southwest Region.

“We grew up listening to Indian classical music, Indian folk music and tying that in with our Asian American heritage, we mix that with pop music, R&B and jazz,” Aparna Alluri told FOX 5.

Alluri is a senior at UCSD and is in her fourth year of singing Soprano with Sitaare.

Sitaare, which means “star” in Hindi, is made up of 14 singers this 2022-2023 academic year. It’s one of nine a cappella teams on campus.

“We’re part of a larger a cappella circuit, and this is a circuit consisting of a bunch of different south Asian fusion teams across the country. This is kind of a new and up and coming genre of a cappella music,” Alluri said.

UCSD freshman Tejas Krishnan, said, “A cappella was something I’d never heard of before, let alone south Asian a cappella.”

He is taking up biochemistry with a 13-year background in Indian classical music.

Both Alluri and Krishnan say singing gives them a creative outlet to decompress from their demanding majors. 

“[Singing is] really a way to express myself in a way that STEM just does not allow for,” Krishnan said.

Sitaare takes pride in the diversity of their multicultural group, as well as the fusion of south Asian and western music blends.

“It’s a way to make [our cultures] relatable to people, to show them this is a piece of our lives. This is part of our heritage and we want to express it to [others],” Krishnan said.

To help support Sitaare and give back to the community you can check out their GoFundMe.

Sitaare also gives back to the community monthly by donating to a cause they are passionate about.