SAN DIEGO — A local nonprofit was awarded $68 million from the State of California’s Department of Housing and Community Development to build affordable homes in the region.

Wakeland Housing and Development Corporation said it will be using the funds towards four separate projects that are meant to develop affordable multifamily housing for communities. Three of those projects will be in San Diego County and one will be in Riverside County, the nonprofit explained.

“Our staff did an excellent job working with the state on a new and multifaceted funding process. The end result is that we will be able to move people into 356 new, affordable homes throughout Southern California in the next few years,” said Wakeland President and CEO Rebecca Louie.

The three affordable housing projects will be awarded to the following San Diego communities:

Cuatro at City Heights (awarded $30.6 million)

The funds will be used to deliver 117 affordable homes for large families at four properties that are on a mix of land Wakeland received from the City San Diego through the Surplus Lands Act and purchased lots in the City Heights neighborhood.

Union Tower in National City (awarded $11.5 million)

This project, a partnership between Union Tower and the San Diego Building and Construction Trades Council, will use the funds to help construct 94 new affordable homes on sites owned by the union in National City.

Serenade at 43rd (awarded $3.7 million)

Serenade and the nonprofit group Housing Innovation Partners will use the funds while combining acquisition and rehab of an existing building with new construction to create 65 affordable homes in the City Heights neighborhood.

“Our simple approach to funding helps us accelerate much-needed construction and ensure the lowest-income Californians have access to quality homes near jobs, transit, schools and other necessities that will make our communities more inclusive for decades to come,” said Wakeland Housing and Development Corporation Director Gustavo Velasquez.

The nonprofit did not give dates for when these projects can be expected to be completed.