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Confused by healthcare benefits? Here’s a few tips from our expert

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SAN DIEGO -- Let's face it, health insurance and work benefits can be confusing.

If you have been putting off open enrollment at work, or you can't tell an HSA from an FSA, watch this interview with our financial expert Chase Wilsey.

Wilsey is a big fan of HSA accounts. HSA is short for Health Savings Account, and investing your money in one of these offers a triple-tax benefit.

Money that you contribute to your HSA can be withdrawn for qualified medical expenses -- such as a trip to the dentist or certain medical supplies -- without paying taxes.

Contributions are tax-deductible, and you typically won't be taxed on the growth of the invested money, either.

Be careful, though: If you withdraw the money for non-medical expenses, you will pay taxes on the funds and also be charged a penalty.

Watch Wilsey's interview (above) for more.

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