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Zoo launches ‘Penguin Beach’ reality series with dramatic trailer

SAN DIEGO — A webseries about the San Diego Zoo will premiere on the zoo’s social media channels Thursday, focusing on the zoo’s colony of African penguins.

The reality-style series, “Penguin Beach,” will showcase the social dynamics of the colony, an endangered species according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List of Threatened Species. The series’ opening episode will follow Jack, the colony’s newest resident, as he interacts with other adult penguins.

A trailer for the new series (above) has a bit of fun with the “reality show” concept, complete with dramatic music and captions aided by emojis.

“This is still a new colony, so it’s been amazing to watch the penguins’ personalities unfold over the past two years,” San Diego Zoo penguin habitat keeper Lara Jones said. “They are definitely a wild bunch, so the viewers can expect a wide range of behaviors that will make you laugh, cry and possibly fall in love with each of the characters.”

The series is the second in recent months to focus on the zoo. The 10- part Animal Planet mini-series “The Zoo: San Diego” premiered on the network in August. Viewers can find the first episode of “Penguin Beach” on the zoo’s Facebook, Instagram and YouTube pages.

Zoo visitors can also see Jack and the rest of the penguin colony at the zoo’s Dan and Vi McKinney Penguin Habitat inside the Conrad Prebys Africa Rocks exhibit.

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