Lyft launches redesigned dockless scooters

SAN DIEGO -- The ride-booking company Lyft unveiled dockless electric scooters in San Diego Monday that the company says were built specifically for the region.

The scooters, distinguished with pink wheels, feature a wider base, air-filled wheels, increased durability and battery life, a hand brake and a battery in their base to improve balance for the rider. According to the company, San Diego is one of the first markets to receive the new scooter model.

"The new Lyft scooters take the rider experience to the next level," Lyft San Diego Bike and Scooter Market Manager Kyle Zuvella said. "For the first time, Lyft scooters will also feature our iconic pink wheels, making it undeniably clear that scooters are central to Lyft's vision for a future where cities are built around people, not private cars."

Lyft is one of six companies permitted to offer dockless electric scooters in San Diego, according to the city's Transportation and Storm Water Department. Regulations on the dockless scooter and bike industry went into effect July 1, requiring them to maintain an operating permit, disclose their fleet sizes and restrict where riders can ride and park the devices.

Contact information for each scooter company, restricted areas for scooters and information on the permitting process can be found here.

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