SDG&E requests changes in utility rates

CHULA VISTA, Calif. -- The California Public Utilities Commission is holding a series of hearings to help customers better understand SDG&E’S request to increase electricity rates.

This falls under a larger request made last year that has not yet been approved.  Tuesday’s hearing was about how SDG&E allocates costs and the creation of a new rate class for schools.

Currently schools  are lumped in with other utility users, but their usage is obviously different.   So under the proposed plan, costs would be shifted between customer classes. Schools would be removed from existing tiered rate classes and get their own special class.  As a result, school rates would go down and other customer classes may see rate increases.

If approved, the changes would go into effect in January 2021. Residential rates would increase about 5.5 percent or about $7 a month for the average residential customer.

“It would create a separate rate class for schools which would benefit them and help them have a lower rate than then had before," said  Wes Jones with SDG&E.

This is still a ways down the road.  The CPUC is still investigating SDGE’s application.

"We may make some recommendations, look at the merits, if it should happen and if there are tweaks or modifications," said Eric Duran, a representative with the CPUC’s public advocate office.

A new round of hearings is set for March of next year, with a decision expected in August 2020.

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