Water temperatures off San Diego coast reach record high for September

Data pix.

SAN DIEGO -- If you've visited San Diego beaches during the month of September, you might have noticed the water has been warmer than usual.

According to scientists at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, the water temperature for the month of September is the highest ever recorded. On Thursday, the water reached 78.3 degrees -- the warmest for a day in September since the start of ocean temperature monitoring in 1916.

Melissa Carter with Scripps said more ocean warming could be dangerous for our marine life.

"Potentially, we will see more heat-related events like thunderstorms, floods, hurricanes," Carter said. "Fish and the rest of the ocean ecosystem can't survive in warm water. If it's rapid warming, then the ecosystem can't adapt to it."

The overall warmest temperature was set in August of last year, when the water reached 79.5 degrees.

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