11 cases of vaping-related illness reported in San Diego County

SAN DIEGO — Eleven people have been hospitalized in San Diego County amid a nationwide outbreak of a lung illness associated with vaping, the San Diego Union-Tribune reports.

The local cases have all involved inhaling water vapor that has been mixed with cannabis oils from cartridges usually bought online or from unlicensed shops, Dr. Eric McDonald told the newspaper Friday.¬†McDonald,¬†medical director of the county’s epidemiology and immunization services branch. said the ages of local patients have ranged from 17 to 70, with only one patient being younger than 18.

U.S. health officials said on Friday that there are a minimum of 450 possible cases of lung disease across 33 states and one jurisdiction that might be caused by vaping. Public health officials in Los Angeles also on Friday announced the county’s first death stemming from vaping. There have been four such deaths across the country.

Read the Union-Tribune’s full story here.

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