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County preparing for next mosquito larvicide drop

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SAN DIEGO -- A wet winter has meant a busy summer season for the San Diego County Vector Control Program.

In April, the program started making routine aerial larvicide drops over nearly 50 bodies of water around the county. The next round of drops will be made Wednesday and Thursday, as a more aggressive species is expected to arrive in late August, Supervising Ecologist Chris Conlan said.

The invasive species, known as the Yellow Fever Mosquito, can carry tropical diseases like Zika Virus. These mosquitos fly low to the ground and are out even during the day.

“The ankle biters. The ones that get below the knees and they are a big nuisance," said Santee resident Todd Smith. "There's no escaping it."

Conlan said so far this season, there have no human cases of mosquito-transmitted diseases, including the West Nile Virus, in San Diego County,

"The risk is there," Conlan said. "We really need the public’s help. It breeds in backyards and small little water sources."

Residents are asked to get rid of any standing water and report mosquito activity.

Locations of scheduled larvicide drops can be found here. Conlan said the larvicide is not harmful to humans or pets.

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